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Old and Worn Out? Why Not Suicide?

digdigby Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 11:57 AM
If we followed her lead, we would find some unpleasant surprises as have the Dutch. There is a pressure to kill yourself and not 'squander' all your money on expensive end of life treatments when your 'beloved family' could use the money. Some families are more tactless and are like "You don't want to live like this do you grandpa?" And when it is made clear that one is better off dead to your family than alive one WANTS to die. But even if no one says a word - the 'option' is there and makes the very sick and suffering feel guilty for being alive. This is why we Catholics call your society the Culture of Death.
Emilie3 Wrote: Jan 02, 2013 4:15 PM
Why should we give our money to our family when we need it for end-of-life treatment? Better to squander all the money ourselves as long as we can. If any family member makes such statements, they should be cut out of the will and no one should pressure the elderly to transfer all their assets to a family member that would not use it to make one more comfortable at the time of greatest need.

This week, blogger Wesley J. Smith directed his readers' attention to an article on written by Lillian B. Rubin. Eighty-eight years old and in failing health, Rubin speculates about our society's fear of death, the taboo surrounding elder suicide, and her own struggles with "ambivalence" about taking her own life. She challenges the notion that suicide is the coward's way out, insisting that – on the contrary – to accept the fact of one's "diminishing existence" and to take decisive action to end one's suffering is an act of immense courage.

It would be disingenuous to accuse...