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Romney Will Win

didgemaster Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 7:43 AM
The big problem, people are dumber then ever. If you go on Google news, the first top story is something bad about Romney. Nothing on the page about Benghazi or any bad news about Obama. Go on the side-scroll and Mitt Romney is on the top. 90% of them are negative. Notice how Obama is not on the side-scroll. Most people( or sheeple) get there news this way. They don't go to Townhall, Drudge, Breitbart etc.. The fact that most people still believe that this bad economy is still Bush's fault is prime example of why we may be doomed like the Romans and the Mayans. If Obama gets re-elected it will be fault of the complainant public that took American prosperity for granted.

As we have discussed before, someone - and I tried to find the source of the quote, but couldn't - said that "four years ago Barack Obama was on a crusade; this year he's in a campaign."

Obama won the crusade, but Mitt Romney will win this campaign.

I know … I know. The polls are close. The national polls are tied; the state polls tilt toward Barack Obama.

I know all that.

But, Romney will win.

As we have discussed for the past 127 years since this campaign began, the Obamas could not abide having...