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Is Barack Obama’s Hypnosis Act Starting to Wear Off

didgemaster Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 7:32 AM
The latest polls (NBC/WSJ) show that the public still blames Bush and the congressional Republicans for everything. As long as the MSM has their Emanuel Goldstein Dear Leader Obama will be the loved celebrity in chief playing golf with Tiger Woods and hanging out with John Steward. The public is dumb and is getting what it deserves.

Republican legislators are slowly, slowly uncurling from their fetal positions after the re-election of Barack Obama. The shock is wearing off even though not one strong voice has yet emerged from Washington, D.C. to lead the millions of Americans who are also in shock.

These legislators, like almost half the country, simply could not believe (see: Karl Rove on Fox News on election night) that so many Americans would just ignore the facts defining our country under Barack Obama: the highest and longest lasting unemployment rate in 70 years, enough new debt to choke a horse and an American ambassador murdered...