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NYT: More Good News For McConnell

didgemaster Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 9:55 PM
After Rand Paul toasted Grimes at the Fancy Farm BBQ and exposed her a minion of Hollywood her campaign has been falling apart and McConnell has been in a lead. Kentucky isn't California Grimes.
Too many preachers to the choir here. And some do more harm than good like Ingraham that wants to start a third "conservative" and Levin that attacks ans encourages the intra fighting that only strengthens the democrats.
Some of the statements here read like they are on Stormfront. Just say'n.
Rand Paul blew by running away from that Dreamer.
Running away from Dreamers in a crash interview looks bad. I saw the clip on all of the lefty sites but no mention of that on here, Breitbart or The Blaze.
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Conservatism Is The New Punk Rock

didgemaster Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 8:39 AM
Some punk was conservative. Never Mind the Bollocks Heres the Sex Pistols had both anti-abortion and anti-communist songs.
Conservatives need to stop preaching to the choir and start going to places where we are not heard. I have some bad feeling about this mid-term s well. Also people like Mark Levin and Laura Ingraham attacking sitting Republicans in winnable seats and encouraging primary fights is stupid.
Here is the big problem for 2016. Even though polling is showing that the nation is getting tired of big government, the growing welfare state, and Obama himself the Republican brand is in the toilet. As long as the Democrats and the media can show that the Tea Party are a bunch of Todd Akins they can still be on top no matter how bd they perform.
So many in this generation have been so indoctrinated by leftist philosophy that a European style stagnation of high taxes and high unemployment is going to be the norm. Most of these kids blame the house republicans, the 1%, racism, and the like but not the Dear Leader Obama.
This is the catch 22, critics of voter ID laws say that it is too hard and cumbersome for some people to go through the bureaucracy of the DMV to get proper ID, but then those people still want to vote for more government!
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