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It's going to get harder for Emeril since now he can expect the IRS to come a knocking at this door for criticizing the Dear Leader.
Emeril is now going to very acquainted with the IRS....
psydoc, it's not called "the party of stupid" for nothing. Blowing the chances of what should be an easy year because talk radio does the thinking of some people will give the democrats a win for every year hence forth.
Imagine the sleeping giant that would awake if ISIS succeeded this.
Publius, the Mark Levine crowd thinks it's smart in running unnecessary primaries to winnable senate seats so that the GOP has less money in win the senate and beat Democrats. Now it looks like the Democrats are going to keep the senate since the Harry Reid union machine is running in all cylinders raising millions that could have been countered if certain talk show hosts did not encourage wasting time and energy in cleansing out the so called "RINOs".
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NYT: More Good News For McConnell

didgemaster Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 9:55 PM
After Rand Paul toasted Grimes at the Fancy Farm BBQ and exposed her a minion of Hollywood her campaign has been falling apart and McConnell has been in a lead. Kentucky isn't California Grimes.
Too many preachers to the choir here. And some do more harm than good like Ingraham that wants to start a third "conservative" and Levin that attacks ans encourages the intra fighting that only strengthens the democrats.
Some of the statements here read like they are on Stormfront. Just say'n.
Rand Paul blew by running away from that Dreamer.
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