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Barack Obama (D-Lame Duck)

didgemaster Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 6:11 AM
If Obama wins and it's Ohio that re-elects him, I hope Ohio gets the worst of it. I hope every job and industry leaves to China or Canada and leaves the dumb idiots that re-elected Obama spend their existence in the poverty that they left the rest of America. Why should the states that voted for Romney suffer for Ohio? Why does poor West Virginia with it's coal industry in threat have to leave it's fate to Ohio voters? When America goes off the fiscal cliff because Obama was re-elected, many, many Americans will want to spit on the place known as Ohio.

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s presidential election, Barack Obama will immediately become a lame duck. That is not to say he will be powerless, but he will never again have to face the wrath of American voters.

Even if Mitt Romney prevails tomorrow (which I think he will), President Obama will have 75 days to ram through any number of economically destructive regulations and executive orders. Make no mistake, an aggressive administration can push things across the finish line in the waning days regardless of their popularity; and that is especially true of this administration.

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