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Evil is as evil does.
You're a stupid fool..........and a baiter. Crawl back into your hole.
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Losing Our Sovereignty

Didactus Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 8:04 PM
Here, here! In my dictionary, this definition is given as one of several: a non-violent attempt to change the form of our government without the consent of the governed. The word? TREASON
Abolish? Good luck. As Bill Benson proved with certified government documents from all 48 states, the 16th Amendment was NOT ratified by 3/4 of the states. This shows that the evil intent of the Jeckyl Island cabal and Philander Knox who "declared" it passed was to install our Gestapo, the IRS, to CONTROL the people. With them you are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. This is tyrrany at its fullest and, ultimately, at the point of a gun. The IRS has been given carte blanche to go after anyone it wants at the whim of our uber-Liberal socialist/Communist leaders. Fifteen thousand IRS agents to enforce Obamacare? In your dreams. It's too enforce just about everything!
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Who Will Stop Obama?

Didactus Wrote: Jun 06, 2014 10:20 PM
Aid and comfort to the enemy: treason, indeed. Another definition of treason is any attempt to change our form of government, not necessarily by force. The "progressives," new speak for socialist/communist is doing just that and they all need to face the treason charge.
You nailed it!
Why is anyone REQUIRED to have insurance for only one modality of health care? I don't want to be told I HAVE to have it or face, ultimately, the force of a gun (if I don't pay penalties). It's VILE. Certain so-called mainstream medicine is beneficial, but only an idiot or a tyrant would demand that we must have insurance for only that. I didn't reach my 8th decade by popping pills. Other modalities have served me much better in the long run. If the government controls your health, it controls ALL of you. Soon other demands will be made of what you must or must not do. Are you prepared for required vaccines you question, chips, DNA "modifiers", etc., that is coming? My doctor of decades has left the practice. Smart choice. 83% of current doctors are considering it. This is the next peg in the plan of the One Worlder's to control, control, control while they steal all of your wealth. You may argue it now, but you won't decades from now.....if you're still here.
The article give false information when it says that the 16th Amendment was ratified. In fact, Bill Benson has certified documents from each of the 48 states proving that 3/4 of the states did, in fact, NOT ratify it. It was a conspiracy all along which has been kept going thanks to the complicity of the courts. That's tyranny!
Under this extortion scheme, in order for me to keep the insurance I have had for decades, this retired person on a fixed income got a monthly premium increase of over $450 (with a letter recently that it will go up again) and an increase in copays.The really insidious part of the Act is that the IRS is to enforce it. That's why in 1913 the Jekyll Island conspirators got Philander Knox to falsely declare the 16th Amendment passed. Bill Benson went to all 48 of those states and has CERTIFIED Government Documents proving that 3/4 of the states did NOT ratify the 16th Amendment. A Gestapo was needed, however, to be complicit in the OWO highly organized plan to enforce, ultimately at the point of a gun, the stealing of your wealth and the control of your life. To those who have been closely watching the relentless unfolding of their insidious plans, it couldn't be clearer. The rest are the useful idiots who have swallowed the lies, never learned of the corruption, murders and conspiracies that have propelled it, and are doomed to live under it without having the slightest idea how they got so hog-tied and freedom-less. Oh, the pity of it. Oh, Iago, the pity of it Iago.
Absolutely right....control and extortion. ObamaCare is the school bully or gang trapping the nerd and stealing his money under threat. Nothing more. If the government were really concerned about our health, they would take the $10 trillion it is projected to cost for 10 years, distribute it to the states on a per capita basis (it didn't bother them to distribute your money for all the bailouts and probably for those to come including health insurance companies), build state of the art facilities all over each state, fill it with state of the art equipment and top-notch staff, pay the doctors a handsome wage and throw open the doors to America's citizens for free treatment-no strings attached. Employment would grow significantly to build them and people would need only a simple identifier to use it. Even then, there would probably be a great deal of money left over which could reside with the states to run the facilities indefinitely. That's if the government care about our health. As it is, we are all sheep being led to the slaughter of the One Worlders who want TOTAL CONTROL of you and your money. Period. And you can take that to the bank!
It is really extortion disguised as a tax: a DIRECT tax, and therefore unConstitutional. The 16th Amendment to create the IRS and the income tax was never ratified by 3/4 of the states. It was "declared" passed by Philander Knox for his cabal of Jekyll Island conspirators. Mr. Bill Benson has the CERTIFIED gov't documents to prove it. The Supreme Court ruled in the late 1800's that direct taxes are unConstitutional.
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