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I like the tweet about how Malkin discussed Bush's incompetence. You guys should read up on it.
Now go and read up on Neoconservatism and we'll talk later. Good evening all.
ComeOn you're the reason I believe in tests for voting privileges. You're an imbecile and the main reason why we keep getting shiitey choices like Romney and Santorum from which to choose.
ComeOn you're a punk and you get what you deserve.
Joe you are confused. The moderate Dems aka Neoconservatives switched to the Repubs because the Jacobins started taking over the Dem Party. Now you vote for the Moderate Dems aka Republicans because you don't want to vote for the Jacobin Party.
It does not matter whether you believe that Neoconservatives exist or not. They do. All you have to do is google them. You'll find that Irving Kristol and William Buckley were very successful at what they did. D k Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz are also Neoconservatives. Continue to be ignorant if you want but that's why you keep getting candidates like Dole, Bush and Bush 2, McCain and Romney. Think about it.
yes Obama failed to bring our troops home and close Guantanamo like he promised. He either had no intention or found out that going against the grain is harder than it seems. Obama and Clinton used our troops purely for political reasons but the groundwork for war lust was set by the Republicans.
Absolutely I agree Amy.
HAHAHAHA - cut it out with the facts about George Woodrow Wilson Bush, Lois. (of course, Obama has no desire to "fix" anything that the Progressives on the Right already got going).
Me too neither.
Right. Then they switched parties in the 70s. These people are called Neoconservatives. Read up on them - it is fascinating. Many of them were former Trotskyites and proud of it. William Kristol's daddy, Irving was the foremost. He and Bill Buckley.
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