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lois - according to her skill set I'd say that Anne is a stay at home wife. Nothing wrong with that of course but she shouldn't criticize people who work outside the home. Her husband probably earned enough to keep her from inflicting herself on hard working people.
"lois9ASS1, like every lying, cheating lib, must be posting while she's working..." Like I continually point out - no self awareness at all. hahaha
"'Cause that's ALL they have... personal attacks. " Look who's talking. hahaha
RebelMonk - We can honestly say, "Bush started it" can't we? I didn't mind Reagan because he at least fought AGAINST the Dems and kept his base in mind. Ever since then we've (although I'm a former Republican) had to put up with appeasers and/or Right Wing Progressives like Santorum. We best figure this out some time soon or we're toast as a country.
AmyDB - I've noticed that two of the most intelligent posters on here (besides me of course) are other libertarians - you and Mo. Isn't that interesting? Anyway, I was talking about not you. The majority of these THers think W was actually a conservative. W played out Woodrow Wilson's Gameplan pretty much. "Compassionate Conservatism" is also known as Neoconservatism.
Michael I make Rush look like Michael Moore. You're the lefty in my eyes.
Oops never mind. I forgot that you also can't write coherently. You meant that you are married to a successful lawyer and pilot. That makes more sense. You must be extremely good looking or come from money.
"Sorry, I'm spoken for... very successful lawyer and pilot." bullshiite. can't be. you have no reasoning skills and a short attention span. how can you be someone's lawyer AND fly a plane?
I watch Fox Business. Haven't watched Fox "News" for over a year - ever since I figured out that Romney was going to be the nominee. The only time I see or hear from Juan is when TH or some site posts something about him.
I like the tweet about how Malkin discussed Bush's incompetence. You guys should read up on it.
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