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This will go dowm as the BIGGEST scandal of Obam's many scandals. I believe THOUSANDS of veterans have DIED across our nation. There are 1400 V.A. hospitals and clinics. 1400 not on the list in Phoenix. Now MULTIPLY that time 1400- 40 deaths times 1400. Wait untill we find out this scandal goes at EVERY V.A. hospital and clinic. Semper Fi
Who do they send in FIRST? The Marine Corps. THERE is a reason for that. We get the job done. Then the Army comes in. Semper Fi
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Progressives Will Save the GOP

Dick 2330 Wrote: May 19, 2014 6:50 PM
They are NOT liberals or progressives, they are COMMUNISTS! Their goal is to DESTROY our great country. We will NOT let it happen. Vote ALL of them out of office. If they try to TAKE our guns THEY will be sorry. Semper Fi
Just ABOLISH it. It serves NO PUROSE, but is USED against the political enemies.THAT will NEVER change.
He also has three SELF INFLICTED purple hearts. He committed TREASON by meeting with the NORTH VIETNAMESE in Paris WHILE still in the Naval Reserves. Came home and called us Vietnam veterans baby killers, and that we cut off ears. John F....g Kerry BELONGS in Leavonworth with Obama, Carney, Panetta, Rice, and Hillary. Semper Fi
Go to Hagmann and Hagmann radio show and listen to Tosh Plumlee the former C.I.A. agent. He said on the show the OUR govenment has been selling drugs and arms for over 60 YEARS! Clear back to Kennedy's assasination, Iran-Contra to Benghazi. He said the C.I.A call it the Green Lattern Project, that makes BILLIONS . Our wonderful POLITICIANS are getting RICH from these arms sales through KICKBACKS from LOBBYISTS from the arms companies. He said they buy these AMERICAN made arms from the Internation Arms Merchants, and they have warehouses of arms all over the world. Plumlee said THAT is what Obama and Hillary DON'T want the American people to find out. Semper Fi
Panetta is part of the Obama, and Hillary COVERUP of Benghazi. Panetta LIED and sais there were NO ASSETS available the day of the terrorist attack! Colonel Gibson was leaving from Tripoli TWO HOURS away to help, and was told to STAND DOWN. There is a force of 150 READY forces in Italy, ONE HOR away that COULD have been called. Also there were ships in the Mediteranean Sea with Marnes READY to deploy. That is TREASON to LET Americans get SLAUGHTERED and STOP the military from helping. Semper Fi
Saying there were NO ASSETS in the area is a BIG LIE. Panetta LIED about it also. Colonel Gibson was leaving from Tripoli only TWO HOURS AWAY, and was told to STAND DOWN by Obama/Jarrett. Italy has 150 READY forces ONE HOUR AWAY! Then you have the ships in the Mediteranian sea that had forces READY. So we have this senate report that is a LIE, and Panetta LYING about the ASSETS available.. This is a COMPLETE coverup of the TRUTH. The last two men that DIED in the 7th. hour COULD have been saved. Semper Fi
I too served in the Marine Corps, Vietnan, infantry, Khe Sahn 881 Hill Fights, and I had to put 5 of my buddies in body bags on May, 3rd., 1967, when we were overrun by the North Vietnamese. You are so right that the military poerates on TRUST. Trust to protect your buddies, trust to make sure NO ONE is left behind, alive or DEAD. We have a PRESIDENT that STOPPED the military by issueing the STAND DOWN orders to General Ham, Admial Gielette, and Colonel Gibson. He RELIEVED Ham and Gielette, BECAUSE they were IGNORING those orders, and was going to help these four brave men in Benghazi. Hillary REFUSED extra security TWICE. Obama/ Jarrett gave Colonal Gibson the STAND DOWN order as he was leaving to help from Tripoli TWO HOURS away. The last two men DIED in the 7th. HOUR!! Panetta LIED about not having ASSETS available in the area. Obama had Tripoli, Italy has 150 force ONE HOUR AWAY, and there were ships in the med.They could have been saved. That is TREASON by Obama. Semper Fi
The state department does NOT have the AUTHORITY to order a "STAND DOWN", that General Ham, Admiral Gielette, and Colonel Gibson got. Only the PRESIDENT has that AUTHORITY. Obama/Jarrett gave that order. Bring in Ham, Gielette and Gibson to the hearings under oath, and you will get your IMPEACHMENT of Obama. He STOPPED the military from saving some of the four in Benghazi. The last two did not get murdere until the 7th. hour. THEY could have beem saved. Hillary DENIED extra security TWICE when it was asked for. The C.I.A. WAS running arms out of this C.I.A. headquarters to the MUSLIM brotherhood, which is TREASON. Arms that are used to KILL our warriors. Semper Fi
This is the MURDERER from Benghazi who was SENDING arms to the MUSLIM brotherhood which is an Act of War! Sending ARMS to the ENEMY is TREASON. She doesn't believe in the second amendment, but thinks it is O.K. to arm these ragheads to KILL our warriors. That is TREASON. Semper Fi
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