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MAYBE?? There have been THOUSANDS of veterans DYING all over this country. Anyone who doesn't realize this is STUPID. The V.A. is run like the post office. Keep throwing money at it, keep raising the price of stamps, but the PRODUCT still SUCKS. When these IDIOT politicians strted putting their BUDDIES in chage to the V.A.'S all across this country, and THEN gave them BONUS'S. the VETERANS were going to DIE on these WAITING lists AND THEY DID. All over this country, it is STILL being covered up.. It is a PERCRIPTION for FRAUD, and the politicians STILL haven't learned. They only STOPPED the BONUS'S for TWO years! Then what?? We will have the SAME FRUADS committed by the HEAD of these V.A.'S. This ISN'T ROCK SCIENSCE. DA!! Semper Fi
Just FIRE this poor excuse for a principal. Guarantee he has NEVER been in the military. This is so embarrassing it is STUPID. Quit WORRYING about a bunch of ragheards, and THEIR FEELINGS. They will continue to blow people up, and cut heads off. These IDIOT Liberal/COMMUNIST principals lack a set of balls to do their job. Sad but they are infected in most schools in America. I taught school for 30 years, and met ONE principal, and superintendent with balls. The rest were gutless, especially the superintendents. Semper Fi
Trey Gowdy needs to bring Hillary's aides in front of his committee under oath. Tell them we want the truth, or you will purger yourself, and go to jail. Very simple to get at the truth. After they have talked and the truth comes out, bring Hillary in to PURGER herself, BECAUSE you know she will LIE. Semper Fi
Rubio CAN NOT run for the presidency , BECAUSE he is NOT a Natural Born Citizen! His PARENTS were NOT citizens when he was born. Jindel, Obama, and Cruz also are not NBC. Jindal has the same problen as Rubio, parents were NOT citizens at the time of their births. Cruz was born in Canada. He has a Canadian birth certificate. Obama has a FAKE birth certificate, FAKE selective card, and uses a man named Beimel's S.S. card. Semper Fi
They call it CONCEALED CARRY. I HAVE a CONCEALED weapon. It goes with me EVERYWHERE. I don't worry about a SIGN that says I CAN NOT CARRY. I have the 2nd, AMENDENDMENT that says I CAN CARRY IT. I carry it to PROTECT myself, and I don't worry about some LIBERAL, idiot, business owner saying I can't take it into his establishment. HE DOESN'T know I have it, and NO ONE KNOWS. Works for me. Semper Fi
You forgot Panetta went on T.V. and said assets were not available. All these people need to be indicted for mudrer, and Obama impeached for TREASON. He and Hillery let these men get slaughtered. The TRUTHis FINNALLY getting out. Now Trey Gowdy needs to bring them before his committee and tell the real truth. Semper Fi
This is the IDIOT that likes to take selfies with his shirt off. What a nutjob.
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Ted Cruz 2016?

Dick 2330 Wrote: Sep 01, 2014 9:13 PM
Cruz was BORN in Canaa with a Canadian BIRTH CERTIFICATE. He IS as INELIGIBLE as Obama, Rubio and Jindal. Rubio and Jindal parents were NOT citizens at the time of there birth. Obama was BORN in Kenya with a FAKE birth certificate, FAKE selective service card, and uses a man named Beimel's S.S. number. Obama also FAILS e-verify. I WONDER WH?? Al four are NOT NATURAL BORN CITIZENS. All four are INELIGIBLE to run for the presidency. Semper Fi
More LIES. That is all the V.A. does. How in the hell does it REALLY know how many died? I bet THOUSANDS have died across the country in one month. Phoenix is the tip of the iceburgh. They STILL haven't learned their lesson. They are ONLY stopping the BONUSES for two years, and THEN CORRUPTION as usual. How can a GOVERNMENT agency LEGALLY give BONUS'S to GOVERNMENT workers for DOING THEIR DAMN JOBS??? Unbelievable. Our wonderful congress is basically to blame, because these IDIOTS are going to pay out the CORRUPT BONUSES AGAIN in two years. How dumb is that? That is what CREATED the SCANDAL. Semper Fi
What is sad is Darrell Issa has the AUTHORITY to not only put Lois Lerner in jail, but also our CORRUPT attorney general, Eric "the bomber of the R.O.T.C" Holder. Yet he does NOTHING to them. WHY??? He is in on the FIX that is why.
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Solution for ISIS: Obliterate Them

Dick 2330 Wrote: Aug 24, 2014 2:48 PM
This guy is a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER. He couldn't run a McDonalds. He has zero quaifications for McDonlads. He would rather golf than make decisions, and you have seen what happens when he makes a decisions. Vaerie Jarrett, the MUSLIM makes all his decisions. God help us. Semper Fi
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