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Why Obama Fears Netanyahu's Speech

Dick 2330 Wrote: Mar 02, 2015 12:08 PM
Prime minister Netinyahu is on America's side, and the ILLEGAL ALIEN is on the MUSLIM side. THAT is the problem. It is very evident. Semper Fi
Rubio is about as ELIGIBLE as "o"bama, Jindal and Cruz. None of them had TWO citizen parents when they were born. Look it up. Rubio, and Jindal's parents were NOT citizens when they were born. Cruz's dad didn't become a citizen until 2005. We all know "o"bama has NO legal right to be president, because all his documents are fake. None of these four are Nateral Born Citizens, but because "o"bama got away with it they think they can too. Semper Fi
When are people going to READ the constitution. You need TWO citizen parents to be a Natural Born Citizen. That eliminates "o"bama, Cruz, Jindal, and Rubio as presidential LEGAL candidates. Cruz's FATHER was not a citizen until 2005. Only his mother was a citizen. Look it up. Just like Jindal, and Rubio's PARENTS were not citizens at the time of their births. They are no different than anchor babies. Yet we have all three of these men mentioned in presidential cadidates. We have one ILLEGAL ALIEN in the whitehouse now. We don't need another ILLEGAL president. I like Cruz a lot, but he is not eligible to run. Semper Fi
Does anyone now doubt what side this MUSLIM president is on? He send's arms, missles, and money to them to kill our warriors. He sends back their five leaders from Guantanamo for an American deserter. He won't use the word "Islam" terroists. NOW he is telling them what we are going to do next. If this MUSLIM president has not committed TREASON, then what else does he have to do?
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The "Jobs for Jihad Delinquents" Program

Dick 2330 Wrote: Feb 18, 2015 10:47 PM
First get a president NOT born in Kenya, with his fake birth certificate, fake selective service card, and quits using a man named Beimel's S.S. number. Then he wouldn't make the mistake we have 50 STATES, not 57. He won't call them corps-man. He won't tell business people "they didn't build that". He won't make the mistake "my MUSLIM Faith" to George Stephanopoulos, and George had to correct him, and tell him his "Christian" faith. We all know now WHY he said his MUSLIM faith. That is probably the only time he has ever told the truth. Semper Fi
Sitting in a garage will never make you a car. My uncle was the smartest man I have ever met. He graduted from high school. He was brilliant. He had forgot more than the idiot professor's I had in college. Having a bunch of degree's means you sat in a classroom a long time. Has nothing to do with intelligence. Semper Fi
If this doesn't show this homosexual, president IS a MUSLIM, nothing will.
She is the same as Holder in a skirt. Remember Graham, and McLame BOTH voted for Holder. See how that turned out. They will do the same for this COMMUNIST female. Semper Fi
This is TREASON. Plane and simple. Trading FIVE of the most radical TERROIST'S for a deserter. He is MORE than just a deserter. He AIDED,and ABETTED the ENEMY He went over to the Taliban, and gave them secret's about our military. He LIVED with the ENEMY."o"bama needs to be put on trial for TREASON. If this isn't TREASON what is? Semper Fi
There is only ONE solution to common core, just like "o"bamacare get RID of it. They are both socialism/communism. Period. You can't lipstick on either pig. Get rid of ANYTHING that is not backed by the CONSTITUION. I can not wait until this ILLEGAL ALIEN, homosexual, MUSLIM is out of the whitehouse. Semper Fi.
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