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What the I.R.S. REALLY means is they need more time to DESTROY the evidence. Any I.T. expert will tell you these emails were NEVER "destroyed". The I.R.S. has been LYING about them from the beginning. There are various companies out there who PROFESSIONALLY retrieve emails. Why hasn't Issa hired a couple to find them? We ALL know WHY? Issa is in on the FIX. WHEN these emails show up, Obama, Cummings, Lerner and the WHOLE democratic party will be seen as having committed TREASON against the American people. Semper Fi
Eliminate PERMANENTLY al BONUSES. Prosecute any administrator that sighed off on lists that were manipulated. PROSECUTE each MANAGER. There are THOUSANDS that need to be procecuted. Anyone who receive a bonus from these lists are sued for the money and IMMEDIATELY FIRED. Do they above at EVERY level across the V.A. system. SUE and FIRE until they are ALL in jail.
BOEHNER IS oBAMA'S buddy. He IS protected. How can a speaker of the house WAIT TWO years about Benghazi? He ONLY named a special prosecutor, BECAUSE he was threatened. This I.R.S. scandal is ANOTHER scandal that SHOULD have had a special prosecutor. Boehner is USELESS. Semper Fi
You and I KNOW these emails are on OTHER servers. There are a lot of servers in the government. Issa is just giving Obama TIME to destroy ALL of them. Why do I think that? Because all Issa has to do is SUPENA the N.S.A. and he would have the emails. We are done as a country if CONGRESS won't do their DAMN job. Semper Fi
If they came claen on this, the WHOLE democratic party would be in Leavonworth. This is such a joke, as the stupid republicans just WINE like little boys. Have an independent coucil named yesterday, and supena EVERY I.T. person in this administration. Start at the bottom and JAIL them when they don't answer the questionsand worl your way up to the ones HIDING the emails. This is complete TREASON. Semper Fi
Sure they have. Get a computer expert to FIND her emails. This administration is CORRUPT to the bone. Semper Fi
You forgot WHAT got him elected two times. VOTER FRAUD. Hillary will have the same benefit. Semper Fi
What we have here is TREASON, by Obama and Hagel. Aiding and abetting the enemy. They can sugar coat it all they want, but these are COMMANDERS who have already planned, and KILLED our soldiers. It would be like Eisenhower releasing Rommel. Can you see him doing that? There is a picture of one of them, with a bucher knife, and FIVE infidel HEADS on the ground in front of him. Our MUSLIM president is not only ARMING these ANIMALS, but sending back their masterminds to KILL more Americans. If that isn't TREASON, what is? Semper Fi
Great news. We need a lot of these idiots to lose. One by one we can get rid of thenm, and take our country back. Cantor was one of the good old boys. Riasing the debt limit, wanting imigration reform, ect. Glad he is gone. Too bad Graham won. He Boehner, and McLame also need to go. Semper Fi
WHY wouldn't he. NO ONE will stop him. We have a gutless congress that has stood by and let him trash the CONSTITUTION. His latest is giving the MUSLIMS $200,000,000! W ehave LOST our country to these communists, and muslims. Semper Fi
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