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The Inequality of "Equality"

Dianne87 Wrote: 6 hours ago (10:12 AM)
Our society has been dominated by the victimology meme since "The Great Society". When one can lay claim to being a victim, which tops all other concerns, the other rights become secondary. Our magnanimity and tolerance and Christian values have been used to undermine those very same principals through the society as a whole being conscientious, at least at one time. There are enough sophistic relativist within society now to make a cruel joke of what is moral, and truthful.
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Is Law Optional?

Dianne87 Wrote: Dec 09, 2014 10:56 AM
We are now being asked to believe that the "narrative" is truth. When the truth is so mischaracterized, and there are enough people to accept and promote such ideological insane claptrap, then evil has truly become inculcated into our society.
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Rape, Rudeness and Deciding the News

Dianne87 Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 12:06 PM
Democrats rely on conservative conscientious sensitivity to being called hypocrites when their actions do not live up to their principals. Dems at least realize that those principles are grounded in religious doctrine, and so must also degrade religion. Democrats are for the most part relativist. They then do not have to be held accountable because they can weasel out of anything with any lame excuse. This duality has existed for a very long time in civilized societies. One would think there was a better way to deal with it.
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War Clouds

Dianne87 Wrote: Dec 04, 2014 10:20 AM
johnm h makes good points. However, we never will have that much needed debate that includes the populace because we have a media that is complicit in perpetrating the LIE. To really fight the next world war we need the military might not only of the United States, but Europe as well. That's mostly non existent. We are all ideologically divided. Most countries, through immigration, now have a certain demographic that is hostile to them. I'm pretty sure we'll see nuclear attacks if another world conflict ignites. The eugenist will win. Not the people.
You've got to love Dr. Carson. He simply and eloquently states the truth. He was lucky to have a very wise mother and is certainly the exception to the meme of single parents being the problem in the black community.
Because they've been at it for close to 90 years now. They have infiltrated all parts of society. So much so that no one realizes the war is still on.
If this story is a hoax, then Erdely should be prosecuted for perpetrating said hoax just like Al Sharpton. Oh no, wait. Irresponsibility reigns.
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Opinions Versus Facts

Dianne87 Wrote: Dec 02, 2014 8:53 AM
Can anyone explain the MINDSET that is so willing to accept the LIE? Please, with facts if possible. Dr. Sowell so brilliantly explains how things should work, with much corroborating evidence, but why have so many blacks been unwilling to be a part of the American culture, along with many liberals, who so hate the culture? I don't understand why people would go against their own best interest.
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God and the Constitution

Dianne87 Wrote: Nov 14, 2014 11:18 AM
What happens when there are enough Muslims within this country and they wish to have Sharia Law be their guiding principle?
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What Can We Expect From the New Senate?

Dianne87 Wrote: Nov 11, 2014 12:32 PM
What did Christ say about 6 BILLION dollars? It's not the idea of helping, which most people are more than willing to do, it's the outrages assumptions of how much something will cost without any corroborative evidence to justify that cost. Who believes this idiot president any more? There are many who wish to fight this disease at the source and are doing so RIGHT NOW.
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