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Doctor X, I think you're right that all the whining needs to stop. That goes for both sides. We can go tit for tat with signs depicting George Bush in unflattering ways, and maybe one side can even use numbers of insults against the other to bolster their argument, but that doesn't move anyone forward. Tone, is also very important when trying to have a discussion, and looking to solutions to failed policies. If you agree to the fact that many liberal policies have failed and are bankrupting this country, that both sides are looking for solutions to the countries problems, and that we have world history to point us in better directions, please, let's have that discussion.
It was Barbara Jackson, from California, who accused Paul Ryan of racism. I've only heard him speak of it once, but he didn't back down from what he said.
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Silence of the Left

Dianne87 Wrote: Mar 15, 2014 12:01 PM
It seems to me that there are two fundamental issues here that are ignored in the debates that storm around education. First, what works, and second, what doesn't work. You would think that the main criteria would be educating children, and what is best for them. My experience when my two children were in public school in the '80's and '90's was definitely not that. There is always bureaucracy, prejudice, major egos and a sad lack of help in the classroom to deal with. The complexity of the problem leads to latching on to simplistic answers in a desperate attempt to fix problems piecemeal instead of addressing a major overhaul. This is a very serious problem which will take more than vouchers to address. It will take the will of this nation and the commitment to excellence of education for our society to actually fix the sad state of our public schools. We know what works because there are many successful educators, and we also know why there are many children that fall through the cracks. We need a complete overhaul of public education in this country, and we must use standardized criteria based on empirical evidence. That might include changing everything as we now know it. Anyone up for it?
After reading some of the post, I think that we can at least all agree that inner city crime and gangs present a huge problem for society. The question is always how to deal with this? Government bureaucracy seems to usually be the least effective. Government acknowledgement of the real problem is disguised in these soft pedal programs. Not even the police want to go into the inner city and deal with what is going on there. But, here is another problem that is creeping into society which is not being addressed, the abundance of meth use in the rural towns and cities across our nation. The problem has always been how to deal with bored, rebellious young teens. Almost any parent can tell you how difficult that is. Maybe a mandatory military conscription for two years would help here as it has done elsewhere, like Israel. Discipline and job training and education would help more to guide our youth into being productive citizens and not criminals. Also one method that always helped me when my children where teens was enough physical activity to tire them out.
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Beyond Affirmative Action

Dianne87 Wrote: Feb 19, 2014 12:35 PM
Dr. King's famous statement about a man being judged by the content of his character and not by the color of his skin is what resonated with the entire country, or at least those who understand a faith based or moral based way of living. Progressivism here, as everywhere else, has undermined or is trying to destroyed the idea that our inalienable rights come from God, not the government. It has also tried to obfuscate or annihilate this country's history being faith based. It assumes everyone wants a free ride, and it will give it to them. The cost is ultimately freedom, dynamism, and mediocrity. Compassion is a virtue, but takes action to be effective, and starts with the individual exercising it on a regular basis. Not by compassion itself being regulated.
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Myths to Ditch in 2014

Dianne87 Wrote: Jan 01, 2014 9:59 AM
I'm not sure what going backwards would accomplish, and if at all there ever was a stable, unassailable, ideal America that actually existed. Ideals are just that, ideals. Maybe what you are pining for then is an agreement of ideals? There is no doubt that those that can present a reasoned debate are in short supply. All of that takes discipline and this venue doesn't restrict itself to that. The price of freedom. It will take discipline to move forward using the American ideal of LIBERTY.
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Rocky Mountain High

Dianne87 Wrote: Dec 27, 2013 10:35 PM
People can either handle alcohol, or drug use, or not. BUT, what does society do with those that can't or won't contribute to their own wellbeing, and be the possible cause of harm to innocents through their irresponsible use of one or both substances? Come on. Can't we, as a civilized society, agree on something? I for one would like to draw the line at drug cartels being in a business that is even somewhat legal.
What is sanctimonious is your assumption. The truth is the truth, of course. To assume that it is recognized by one path is limiting. To acknowledge the truth and to honor the truth is what we are all on our individual paths to find. That can come with great assistance from the knowledge acquired that is, has been conveyed in many forms, the Bible being one of the best. To assume that there is only one path to God, is sanctimonious, but worshiping Him and living his precepts is not.
Corruption, righteousness, two sides of the same coin. Human nature. The nature that God created. You are right, it is a choice found within our hearts and guided by our consciousness and knowledge of God as to the direction we as individuals make. But, overt sanctimoniousness is a bit off putting, as well as limiting. An appeal to our better nature, as Christ taught, is within all of our grasp. Only God knows what is in a person's heart, but we will be judged by our actions.
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Obama Agenda Promotes Unfairness

Dianne87 Wrote: Dec 09, 2013 10:19 AM
What America needs is reform. Bipartisan reform. Half of us fully understand that increasing the minimum wage does nothing to promote a healthy economy. Entitlement reform, tax reform, regulatory reform, government reform will need to be addressed before anything of good productive value will be achieved. How to do that is our current crisis as Americans. The biggest drain on the taxpayer are entitlements, which Obama continues to champion. We desperately need to face our problems, discuss true solutions, and make our government responsible for that which we as a nation need to serve our general and individual purpose. The Great Society has not and will not eliminate poverty. We are now facing a poverty of intellect and thought on top of financial poverty due to ideological fool heartiness.
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