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Rebuilding a Ruined City

DianeCee Wrote: Apr 06, 2013 7:45 AM
Detroit isn't the only city that will need to be rebuilt. Philly is busing it's trolls over the bridge into NJ so that union workers have jobs to destroy the fifth and to rebuild for the working class. Memphis is nearing it's collapse while white people have fled Atlanta to create their own city and school system in a northern county. All the while, the trolls scream that white people have left them with nothing to sustain themselves. The black race is meeting their just due........let's be honest.....who wants to live amongst the least evolved?

Many are warning that the United States could become the next Greece. But there’s no need to look across the ocean to see a poorly-governed area that’s deep in debt and crumbling. Just look to Detroit.

That city was once the picture of American industrial might. Henry Ford deployed the production line there and helped create the modern middle class. During World War II, more than a third of U.S. war material was manufactured in the city. And during the post-war boom, cars made in Detroit embodied the American success story.

Now, though, the Motor City is collapsing in every...