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An Obamacare Prediction

DianeCee Wrote: Aug 05, 2013 8:58 PM
And the underground economy continues to grow, eh? *wink*
Both women married men who would put them in the spot light.........come hell or high water, eh? Hillary is a treasonist, lying, thieving and disgraceful "women" who tainted the essence of all women around the world. She should be put out to pasture instead of back on the campaign trail. I can't bear the sound of her voice, the sight of her cankles or the memories of a great nation that she helped to destroy!
Is this woman in this picture pregnant AND in poverty? Sheesh! Where was the birth control police and WHO was the man who slept with her?
The grifter and felonious black man that purchased the oval office has no business in my healthcare. I have to wonder how much money he had invested and how much does he stand to gain via his investments in healthcare. The Clinton's rake in approximately 80 grand per month now......and must have led him down that rosy road to steal liberty for personal financial gain. Let's put these critters out to pasture, eh?
I hate to point out to the author that the four men he considers "leaders" are actually liars and thieves who have not earned respect or pride. The black community will continue to be downtrodden as long as these are the types of people they emulate. Racism is a natural state brought about by "birds of a feather flock together" scenario. Let's get used to reality. The black population needs to understand that when one gets down on the floor with a dog, he will get up with fleas.
There is always a group who will take an inch but demand a mile. The lowly group of women who used abortion rights for all the wrong reasons, and those same women who claim that abortion is a women's "health" issue, are finally losing the battle to murder....even though it has taken 50 million deaths to run them off. Maybe Planned Parenthood will now give out birth control pills instead of abortions,,,,,even though the profit margins will be devastating to them. *wink*
I surely haven't forgotten about the crimes obama has committed and I added this latest race baiting to the list. This goof made a name for himself and won't ever be able to gain respect again. When he speaks, I turn down the volume, The bottom line is that this guy is a liar.
Geez, I didn't know the birds and the bees were killing each other off. Won't it be grand when this hag is gone?
Does this health insurance law, which provides degraded healthcare, really mean anything to any American worker or tax payer? I know, factually, that I will never purchase anything that lines the pockets of politicians who have investments in any product or service. What we need, ladies and gentlemen, is a group of American patriots in office rather than thieves and liars. We need to demand to see the personal investments of each representative now!
Trayvon was the result of the parents that bore him. The black community has yet to overcome their shortcomings....
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Higher Education?

DianeCee Wrote: Jul 13, 2013 3:27 PM
An education today sure does lack the transference of knowledge, eh?
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