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Clouds Over Obama's Second Term

DianeCee Wrote: Jan 22, 2013 7:30 AM
Mr. Buchanan, as much as I respect your Americanism, I think it is time for those "in the know" to advise American tax payers concerning Bill Clinton's admissions about the plans for the national divide. It is obvious that this is what is happening and the reason obama was put in place. No white man would want that stigma,eh? Yet, as a student of planetary effects on earth's viability, I could not hide from the reality that obama's inauguration was flanked by planet Mars negatively affecting the moon....which, by the way was the same as the days JFK, Harrison and Nixon were inaugurated. Their outcomes were not positive, eh? I resent politicians that would put American tax payers in harms way for their own personal profit.
Rarely have second terms lived up to the hopes and expectations of presidents or their electorates.

FDR's began with an attempt to pack the Supreme Court by adding new justices and a second Depression of 1937. He was rescued only by the war in Europe in 1939 and the GOP's nomination of "the barefoot boy from Wall Street," Wendell Willkie.

What can be called Harry Truman's second term was a disaster.

In 1949, the Soviets exploded an atom bomb and China fell to Mao. In 1950, the Rosenbergs were convicted as atomic spies for Stalin and North Korea invaded the South,...