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Hamas, Palestine Set for Increased Power at the United Nations

Diane187 Wrote: Nov 27, 2012 2:05 AM
This will be the next stupid thing that Obama will do. Put his "stamp of approval" on the UN recognizing Palestine as an independent Nation. Remember that Obama said that Israel's pre-"Six Day War" borders should be the starting point of negotiations. This makes me want to scream!
Palestine is not recognized as a state at the United Nations. All that could change this week as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas attempts to upgrade its status to "observer state" - implicitly recognizing Palestine as an independent nation.

As Reuters reports, this upgrade could present a whole host of new issues, especially with regard to its relationship with Israel and the general anti-Israel sentiment that runs deep through the international organization.

The Palestinian Authority has circulated a revised draft resolution to U.N. member states calling for an upgrade of its U.N. status to an "observer state" ahead of...
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