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Of course, BHO & Co. (of clowns) refuses to name it Islamic extremism BECAUSE they're goal (ultimately) is to target ALL, what THEY consider 'extremism', namely Conservatives and Christians. It's impossible to bend and mold an entire nation's thought pattern if you allow the 'free' press to remind every sound-thinking person who the enemy really is. Just like when he said '...five days away from the fundamental transformation of America...' you had hoards of people too smitten with his oratory skill (his 'BS Factor') and the color of his skin, to fully appreciate what he was ACTUALLY saying. That's also why he wasn't properly vetted. He'da been shut down in his quest IMMEDIATELY and we'd be 6 1/2 years into a successful Romney administration. IMHO
Sometimes I am rendered speechless by the dumb things BHO says. NOT this time! 'New car smell'? Are you mad? I don't give a rip about 'new car smell' if I end up driving a broken-down heap (which is what BHOs policies amount to). Goodness, this guy is ridiculous beyond words!
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Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

Diana444 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 9:36 AM
Well done! "57" ... yeah, I remember that! Very funny!
IMHO, it would be most helpful if America would (oops! I almost said 'buy' pewwww!) get to their local library and check out the Saul Alinksky book 'Rules for Radicals'. This would aid Libertarian/Independent/Conservative Americans in standing against this administration until finally they are no longer in office, exhausted from the expediture of energy against a resolute Republic!
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