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Sometimes I am rendered speechless by the dumb things BHO says. NOT this time! 'New car smell'? Are you mad? I don't give a rip about 'new car smell' if I end up driving a broken-down heap (which is what BHOs policies amount to). Goodness, this guy is ridiculous beyond words!
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Oklahoma Repeals Common Core

Diana444 Wrote: Jun 08, 2014 9:36 AM
Well done! "57" ... yeah, I remember that! Very funny!
IMHO, it would be most helpful if America would (oops! I almost said 'buy' pewwww!) get to their local library and check out the Saul Alinksky book 'Rules for Radicals'. This would aid Libertarian/Independent/Conservative Americans in standing against this administration until finally they are no longer in office, exhausted from the expediture of energy against a resolute Republic!
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