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They should let him go. When I see his show in the rundown on my cable channels, I pass right on by. He should stick to gossip news! Not sports.
And who is going to round them up? Fed or State police, etc? And who pays their salaries? Us taxpayers. This is a nightmare now thanks to the policies.of the past few years. A further drag on our debt.
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Ferguson, the 'Local Crime Story'

Diana152 Wrote: Nov 29, 2014 4:49 AM
And this from O and Holder, the top, to all down the chain. It is always a race issue. No one even talks about the autopsy showing pot in Brown's blood. Obviously what little judgement he had when trying to wrestle the Officer's gun in the police car, was diminished by his prior pot smoking. If I recall, he and his cohart were walking down the middle of the street with the box of cigars smokes they had just pilfered, instead of the sidewalk. They were creating a scene anyway.before the Officer even heard the call about the robbery. And Holder wants to keep going on Civil Rights basis. Unreal and a waste of our taxpayer money.
Hopefully, at the hearings, they will be asked about that. Doesn't seem right to score 10 years of revenue against only 6 yrs of expenses anyway. They should change their method. Otherwise, every bill will show us incorrect amounts.
They are as bad as ISIS and probably united with them.
Scarey because the guy with the knife spoke with British accent in English - no translation needed. . Which, to me, means he has passport, along with how many others?, and could make his way to our country for more. Obama is caught in the middle between trying to save the other reporter or bombing them anyway and risking another beheading. Blood on his hands either way.
So it makes sense that O is campaigning all over the country now, to raise enough money for TV ads, etc against the Repubs in Nov. Desperately trying to keep the Senate. Wake up eveyone, they all need to get voted out. I heard FoxNews say over the weekend, that he has raised more money than any other President. That does not look good for Nov. Expect more lies, etc. I don't understand who can afford to attend his fundraisers, but I guess it is the upper 1% wanting to keep the power and control. His popularity is going down, so why would they want to listen to more BS and part with their millions? Ultra-hypocrisy.
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

Diana152 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 2:41 AM
And don't vote him or her back in Nov!
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