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So it makes sense that O is campaigning all over the country now, to raise enough money for TV ads, etc against the Repubs in Nov. Desperately trying to keep the Senate. Wake up eveyone, they all need to get voted out. I heard FoxNews say over the weekend, that he has raised more money than any other President. That does not look good for Nov. Expect more lies, etc. I don't understand who can afford to attend his fundraisers, but I guess it is the upper 1% wanting to keep the power and control. His popularity is going down, so why would they want to listen to more BS and part with their millions? Ultra-hypocrisy.
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Obamacare's Fraudulent Incentives

Diana152 Wrote: Jul 24, 2014 2:41 AM
And don't vote him or her back in Nov!
Certainly doesn't stop O from doing whatever he wants. Congress is being by-passed once again.
Doesn't Congress have to approve this? This is not a dictatorship yet, is it.
And the IRS targeting is still going on. Don't forget that last month Sen Shumer, NY, called for them to investigate conservative groups.
He blames FOXNEWS and Limbaugh, but has an interview on FOXNEWS next Sunday with Bill O'Reilly. How hypercritical is that? Makes no sense.
Yes, and what a disappointment for him to rule it a tax. I hope he realizes what he has done to our country by not striking it down as a mandate to purchase a product. Sometimes I wonder if even he read the entire bill.
Maybe our people are getting shocked into reality now when they can't enroll because of the system, or because it costs too much compared to their former plans. People are not enrolling now because the system is not working and the premiums and deductibles are too high. Hopefully it will collapse before 2014 has ended. More people will lose coverage next year to the tune of abt 55 million. There will be quite a few upset, sick and dying people. This AFA plan is not working and needs to be scrapped.
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