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ISRAEL: AN EVIL STATE THAT WILL DISAPPEAR ONE DAY Indeed, what is the point of building a prosperous state on a foundation of oppression, mass murder and ethnic cleansing? Israel may appear modern, vigorous and democratic to much of the outside world. But for us, the Palestinians, Israel is and will always be a murderer, a thief and a liar. Israel stole our country away from us, ethnically cleansed our people, destroyed our homes, bulldozed our towns and villages, poisoned our water wells lest we return, and then expelled the bulk of our people to the four corners of the globe…these are the very people Israeli leaders and spokespersons now shamelessly call “terrorists.”
Darling, Israel is looking for a good few murderers like you.
Israel Apartheid Guilty Israel will do itself in. One coffin nail at a time. Their arrogance won’t allow themselves to think so but the world is watching. The rest of the world lives in reality,the reality Israel does not live in. Israel is a make believe state,a false dream that has turned into a nightmare for the world.
The only way America could free itself from the tyranny and oppression of British rule was by fighting guerilla style tactics against the superior British army and this involved many suicide missions. The only way Palestinians can fight against the might of Israel is using these same tactics and suicide bombings is one of these tactics. (I am sure if suicide vests were around in the Revolutionary War Americans would of used them). Pathetic Townhall Darlings! LOL!
The Americans in their revolutionary war against Britain were labelled terrorists by the British (the world power at the time), but they were just fighting for their freedom. Palestinians today are just fighting for their freedom from the Israelis oppression and are labelled terrorists for it. Darling, let God sort it out! LOL!
Israel Apartheid Guilty
Darling, you sure do love your simple minded stories!
Darling Andy, would you care to share those Islamic articles regarding Obama is an 'apostate Muslim', with us good Townhall folkers?
LOL! Darling, we don't expect much from you either. Did you cash your Social Security check this month?
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