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Meet Generation N

diamon Wrote: Jan 23, 2013 8:54 PM
A lot of the generation N are not that young. There are a lot of 40-somethings that hold the same self-centered attitudes. You see it in their demenor, their social skills such as common courtesy, and lack of graciousness. These are the people, known as "dead wood", who have been carried by companies and governments that until a decade ago came to the fork in the road that said "unaffordable" to their future finanical interests. So we have a lot of 40-somethings that failed to upgrade their skills, continue to hold entitlement attitudes, don't know what they don't know, have poor skillsets, etc. but now find themselves earning half of what they did before they got let go. These same 40-somethings and younger spend hours wasting their time.

As Barack Obama thrilled his supporters on Monday with his clarion call to action for the poor and the oppressed, young people across the country -- though in numbers somewhat smaller than were enthralled by their leader's words four years ago -- nodded in agreement. For this was about them, and Obama’s speech told them once again how great they are. Obama spoke to the "N Generation," those millions who, because they are the beneficiaries of the miracles of internet technology and instant, worldwide communications, believe firmly they know all and are entitled to everything; as the old song by Queen...