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Things are Tufts All Over

DHWood Wrote: Nov 05, 2012 6:39 PM
It is very clear that something like that must occur for the lesson to be hammered home to the left wing nutcases. It is time their groups be taken over by those utterly opposed to them.
Tufts University, a private school in Massachusetts, has now officially ceased to be a university. Tufts has a national reputation for heavy handed suppression of free speech despite its close proximity to places where many of our nation's first great free speech victories were fought and won. Few who are familiar with Tufts will be surprised to learn that their student government has initiated measures to de-recognize a Christian group because its leaders are required to adhere to "basic Biblical truths of Christianity."

At Tufts, tolerance equals excluding people in order to be inclusive. At Tufts, discrimination...