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Diagnosis GOP: Critical Condition

DHWood Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 6:51 AM
Take your 1st point, I note Romney is a Massachusetts governor libtard. He never got over that. That made him a liar as well, even though I would not characterize him as such. Whatever percentage of that is MSM spin, doesn't matter really, because it just stuck. If a Republican runs, he had better NOT be a liar (flip flopper). I suggest traditional Christian as well. Of course a democrat can be a known con, twice a foreigner, perhaps an illegal alien, a house thief, not really black, a locked past, and an obvious admitted marxist and communist, probably multiple felon doesn't matter either.

We’ve learned the Republican Party has been admitted to Hospital USA and is in critical condition after being slammed in the rear end by the Democrat Party in the 2012 presidential election. The diagnosis for recovery is poor. The party is on life support. It’s white voter count is dropping fast and the party appears to be unable to boost it pool of brown, black, beige and female voters to help it regain strength in future elections.

The near fatal accident was caused by Mitt Romney's epic loss of the 2012 presidential election, despite the odds in his favor...