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You should mean what's sad is she'll never be in prison, same with the other 95% of this administrations appointees whom belong there a long time ago. What's sad is we now all realize there is no controlling authority, as Al Gore the dual hundred millionaire con artist said many years ago.
All the documents were lost with lois lerner's emails, those that weren't are national security above top secret, and the video maker is being tortured in a california prison so all those guilty have been brought to justice. Praise Allah, the great, the merciful, alu shala shakem
10 million illegals (+ a million+ more every year) getting the barky free pass and able to VOTE means no more national elections for Republicans, ever. There should be no question as to why it is happening - OBAMA ADMIN has been commanding this since day one of their illegal occupation of 1600 P Ave. The democrats probably already have their permanent majority from the half decade plus of this that the msm won't report on.
The republicans should be worshiping at Judicial Watch's feet, since everything that seems to ever break big is from them. I don't know where the Republicans would be without Judicial Watch. They had better support that to the hilt.
No one believes this top 5 terrorists for one deserter with no notification either- it's so bad no one believes it - "there has to be something else going on". Well, what if it is what it is ? I mean that's the thing, it's so far out no one should have to believe the potus did it.
Impeach him ( do it in one day no need for months on end ) then let Harry Reid exercise his nuclear option that the R's said oh no dems won't do it because it could backfire when were in power... Well guess what - dems did it. The MSM barely peeped, unlike the insane firestorm when repubs threatened it. It's time the republicans wised up - they are dealing with liars and traitors and the enemy, so start acting like it even if the power is short, do it anyway, MAKE THE STATEMENT.
So anyone have any doubts any more who the traitor in the white house really stands behind ?
So you're a six foot + high schooler on a team and you get a calorie count from the queen Obee and the 4.2 foot nerd gets the same. That's how stupid our insane zero tolerance One policy fuhror of stupidity zealout ahole crapista con artist money sucking face primping lying lib quagmire hole from hades looks good government doesn't work.
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The President's VA Nonsense

DHWood Wrote: May 30, 2014 10:16 PM
Sounds like fannie mae and freddie mac and every other bloated failure government agency, where the biggest creeps and sluffers and liars get the biggest bonuses and increases and upgrades, because LYING to any oversight is a win ! In Congressional Committee parlance, it's been 3 years and we still don't have the records we requested under order of law.... "harrumph" *scowling look*, then nothing and it's promo time and count up the billions in bonuses and extra vacation and porn surfing time.
So these confused and no doubt insane individuals are so self obsessed with their sex, and then also sex to try to figure out or experiment with their wacky prescription or illicit hormones and "inner conflict" in some new sexcapade all the time, a bunch of them are infected, and since it's such a weirdo clique, they all corral into one big partner exchange, experimenting and researching their own changes and pills and operative outcomes in the sack with the other weirdos... That was a long explanation of what everyone instinctively knows, the real question is how many billions does this group add up to in costs spread far and wide under Obamacare, because forget the 200 grand were talking billions.
I really didn't believe the 50 different choices thing but yeah with insane libtards, who go nutso over a single word or characterization, yes it requires many, many variants to appease all the offended freaks of the left. ABC has the list of 58
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