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Rahm and company take the safe route - war on gun dealers with FFL licenses - forget a war on the gangs - then Rahm the coward would be a target. Guliani may have had some downsides in his crime reduction in NYC, but calling him a coward and a failure like Rahm just didn't and doesn't fit.
Love it when the idiot press does the idiot after idiot show - NOT. Thanks for nothing, again.
Congressional law is it's highest bidder. Congress, being broken and utterly disastrous campaigning fools 99% of the time, have destroyed something once again. Next step, GUT IT, and make it worse, after fouling it up completely already. "I'm sorry USA, come rain or shine, snow or sleet, YOU CAN'T HANDLE IT ANYMORE.
How about we just have the commie collective run everything. Like the DMV, you can go get your mail, since the USA is so sick and out of touch, it cannot deliver mail anymore.
The answer is the USA cannot do what it has done for decades, anymore. We can't do it. Welcome to the new USA, the sad, sick, lazy, broke, stupid, loser USA. Come rain or shine, YOU will have to go get your mail, as the bloated, sick, insane federal government has destroyed another great institution.
The VA’s own internal audit found that 62% of VA health facilities had at least one instance of veterans being pushed onto secret waiting lists. Okay, first of all 62% is a methodology, not "two rogue elements in sin". Next, a secret list isn't created for just one patient. Welcome to worse with Obamacare.
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Progressive Poverty Porn

DHWood Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 7:33 AM
Gloom, despair, but I'm from the Ivy League, Deep dark pockets but excessive poverty, If it weren't for hedge funds I'd have no fun at all, Grooming and a chair, I've worked so hard all week.
They've been "working on it for 4 years" and "have ten more years to get it implemented". So 14 years for the biggest collective of the smartest libs in the world to figure out how to teach k-12 grades successfully... Something stinks incredibly badly. Also Jindal is ineligible for POTUS just like Barky, Cruz, and a bunch of others our psycho droolingly mad wackadoo politicoes cannot resist forcing down our throats and crowning their new powerful achievement, total subversion in plain sight, total inclusion for global hegemony and backroom deals and games and PC doctrine from hades which makes them all so warm inside, to be the biggest criminal idiots on the face of the nation while preening their imaginary angel feathers for public kissings.
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I'm Embarrassed to be White

DHWood Wrote: Jun 20, 2014 2:56 AM
I'm just waiting for the black clique' to form some cultural marxism squall that advocates for the perpetually victimized and downtrodden white heterosexual male so I can check out what it's like to be a freeman under the coerced booty of lib juice freebies and lip service. You know so I walk into the local basketball club bar, and all the ethnics try to be my friend and hand me some helpful grants and tricks to get in high places flyers and talk my lingo poorly to me and tell me they'd never do me like that... Then they demand I start ranting and raving how they kept me down - give them an hour long lecture at their podium about how they really suckit at treating me and my whitey family correctly, and they all applaud and cry a lot, and cheer at the end.
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Rubbish: Emails Don’t Get Lost

DHWood Wrote: Jun 16, 2014 8:06 PM
DELIBERATELY EXPUNGED. Anyone who still believes the Executive Branch of Obongo is accountable for anything it does is literally insane. They do anything they want to do to anyone they target, and no one can nor will stop them. It takes YEARS of boob tube whining by impotent nobodies who get nowhere, forever. Make no mistake, mark my words, more gigantic crimes are running now and already in the works, total transformation by pen and phone and EXECUTIVE BRANCH TOTAL IMMUNITY.
You should mean what's sad is she'll never be in prison, same with the other 95% of this administrations appointees whom belong there a long time ago. What's sad is we now all realize there is no controlling authority, as Al Gore the dual hundred millionaire con artist said many years ago.
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