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Yep, and the new gen crazy screams lies even further degrading the already loopy living breathing interpretation from penumbras and iterations into a soup so stupid it's embarrassing to listen to them blather on.
No she doesn't, because she would be destroyed, and everyone knows it. So nobody is going to oppose the leviathan us govt. All the pigs under her control will also not do it, for the same reasons. Remember the govt has so many arms and so many agencies ready to strike anyone down, the retaliation will blindside everyone trying. Don't forget the hardcore "the law is the master" mind control 9 out of 10 anywhere near any resistance will immediately revert to ad stick to no matter what, is a big problem as well. " I know, I don't really want to do this (because I know it's wrong to do), but I've got to do my job"..."it's the law"... Expect exactly ZERO to happen as ZERO is in control, and the huddled masses won't be blowing their life away to stand up for what's right, and neither will any gravy govt employees under any govt uniform.
lol - too true So our criminally corrupt insane government is totally broken, any crime is okay for them, though, whilst any other must be severely punished for anything similar and much lesser. I'm through. I have zero confidence and expect much more criminal misconduct open and unhindered. Went past the local park several weeks ago and they had some giant unannounced local military rah rah homeland security gathering with the yellow mraps and the gov mil groups sprawled across ball diamonds who knows what the kookballs were up to but the instructions came from the feds - yep so it's everywhere - was working so had to keep going didn't stop and find out what the takeover was all about - but let's face it the public park is the stomping ground here - so any property that's in the collective is property they will use any time they think it's necessary. Never saw anything like that before - and I would have, so now I know the game has changed - too what ... time will tell.
They'd just threaten to shutdown all air trafffic in each state, place the powers that challenged them on the no fly list and their staffs and families would be pulled aside, they would gut fed funding by activating unused obscure rules, there would be audits immediately activated, the usual phonecall and email threats would have special ops agencies adding their 2 cents, the DOJ would send in some investigators for several of thousands of options, and that's just for the warmup before some hardball pitching. So dream on.
The ability to protect oneself or the group from attack with defensive technology can only be a big fat minus in some insane political twist I suspect the left of embracing and promoting.
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Eric Holder, Media-Spoiled Brat

DHWood Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 5:19 AM
The first page consolidated for me how the left wing lib dems, in other words, their whole party have destroyed the black family, destroyed American cities, created the crime waves and gang violence, and still blame it all on law abiding citizens not themselves and the criminals they coddle and protect. Here we see it with the top "black" leo - arch criminal and the lefty lib presser is sucking the shoetips and shining away while squealing I gots the reparations for you. So now I see much more clearly how the democrats are crime supporters and enablers. Thank you.
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Our Unwillingness to Defend Ourselves

DHWood Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 5:03 AM
It's another big government lefty know it all peacenick idiot dictated policy with a one size fits all nationwide enforcement regime and for the children liars spin. It's got nothing to do with the lack of will do defend oneself, and everything to do with out of control alinksy idiots instituting their massive totalitarian stupidities then jamming them down everyone's throat with substantial threats and terrible life consequences for non-compliance.
I guess it's just another sign of the lawless banana non-republic we are becoming.
Perhaps it's everywhere - no training, no sense, why would anyone take 2 minutes to teach the ropes to someone else ? Probably the training comes in the form of crude jokes, what's the best way to rob a traveler or humiliate the same, avoid "bad points" from the ridiculous inspections so that your "team" looks good, and whom is dating and doing whom or the freest lunch nearby. I'd bet that's what happens - of course the diversity training must be collegiate level.
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Nuts in the crosshairs

DHWood Wrote: Jul 16, 2014 4:32 AM
Good point on the Korean reaction, never heard it anywhere else. Once again a great thinker and a very needed voice.
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