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It isn't incompetence if it works nicely for the department. It would be incompetent to not lose the fingerprints. Then you wouldn't be able to collect the fee again. Best to lose them yearly.
The catch is that word "if". ISIS is not following the Quran. They may believe that they are, but they get to that belief the same way the "Christians" following the Rev. Jim Jones at Jamestown got to their belief that shooting American congressmen and then suiciding by Kool Aid was the Christian thing to do. They followed a madman to their death. Any madman or depraved individual can find a scripture from anybody's holy books and twist it to sound, the way he tells it, that in doing what he wants, you're doing what the book says. A sane reading looks at context, looks at other parts of the text, and avoids these misreadings.
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Why Beheading?

dhensley813 Wrote: Sep 23, 2014 11:45 AM
There are many Muslims, surely a heavy majority, who see ISIL conduct as contrary to Islamic custom and teaching. Just to pick the most glaring example, ISIL has been systematically killing Sunni Arab POWs. There is just no excuse to be found anywhere in the Quran, Sunna, or Hadith for that. Even with the journalists, Islamic teaching hardly requires their beheading. Those verses that were quoted are found in the context of war. They can be read as pertaining to battlefield fighting instructions. And this is not just western wishful thinking...Muslim leaders down through the ages, for instance, the legendary Saladin, have been known to show mercy.
Impossible to resist. You are not in fact a retired college professor, and there are no such college texts. You don't know about the "main sequence" life history of stars, which is high school science. The sun has followed the same path as billions of like stars follow in our own galaxy and others. As it burns through its store of hydrogen, it gets gradually hotter, and it expands. It loses mass, true, but the effect is trivial and most of the loss of mass is a result of the sun's heat and magnetic turmoil blowing off the outermost layer as "solar wind" or "solar prominences". The sun will eventually grow to red giant volume, no more massive but much more extensive, and incinerate and then swallow the earth. But all this takes billions of years. Nothing, growth or shrinkage, is in the cards over the span of mere thousands of years. You were not a college professor of anything, or you would have known all this and much more, just by being an educated civilian.
To think that man could somehow wipe out a whole species on his own is---hubris? Of course we can change the climate of the earth. We could, if we liked, use all the coal we mined to generate methane, and release that methane. Temperatures would rise 10 degrees in just a decade or so. We could, if we liked, have a really big nuclear war, with H-bombs incinerating all the large cities. The fires would burn intensely hot and together with the fireball, would carry countless tons of very fine soot high into the stratosphere. One big forest fire visibly dims the sun for hundreds of miles around. The soot from these fires would blot out the sun worldwide. Temperatures would drop 50 degrees. The oceans would ice over even in the tropics, and no crops would grow. And this would last for years. Almost everybody would die, and if there were survivors, they would emerge into a new ice age. There are many foolish things we could do. As to hubris and God's powers vs man's, it is right there in the Bible, at least twice, that man has both responsibility and capacity on a huge scale: in the Babel incident, and in the injunction that we are to keep and tend the earth. (For if what we do matters not to the earth, why that injunction?) Hubris is not man's recognition of his power, but the casual assumption that unthinking exercise of power is bound to work out just fine anyhow, somehow. It is not. Our free will is a terrible gift if we use it badly...but if this were not so, it would not really be free will.
Ummm---what about Americans who work in the oil industry? There's all sorts of business reasons for Americans to travel to and from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, etc. Shall American ships be banned from the ports of the Islamic world? Do we not sell them stuff and buy stuff from them? This is just nuts. And in saner times, there used to be a tourist trade. There still is, a little bit. The State Department has standards for when it issues warnings, but we don't actually forbid Americans to book a tour of Liberia, right now. Even though that has to be the dumbest idea since sky diving without a parachute.
There's no way to disprove magical sky heavens. Of any creed. These things are utterly and forever beyond the reach of reason or evidence. No amount of telescopes or physics can ever touch them.
This is an extremely improbable "statistic". Other sources give very different numbers. Roughly half the murders committed by blacks are committed against other blacks, with the other half being committed mostly against whites, including Hispanic whites. Another thing is wrong. Obama hasn't presided over any sort of increase in crime, by whites, blacks, or anybody else. The crime rate has continued to drift lower, as it did during the Bush years, the Clinton years, and the other Bush years, and the Reagan years.
How many people did he approach? In any large population you will find some weedheads, some folk who are smart but pay no attention to the news and haven't a clue what's going on in the world, and, yes, some who gravitate to the dark side. But this story doesn't prove these types are any thicker at GMU than at the local Target store or voting booth.
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Why Democrat Ideas Don't Work: Reality

dhensley813 Wrote: Sep 15, 2014 11:59 AM
We should be so lucky as to have Warren be the Democrat candidate. True, she'd be more likely to win the general election than Hillary would be. True, she'd be more likely to acquit herself honorably in office and leave a legacy that another Democrat could run on. Even if it would be an unfortunate experience for the country for her to have to learn on the job that her liberal ideas mostly don't work, she seems to wish us well and would try something else when the first thing didn't work. But Hillary? It's pretty clear that she doesn't accept responsibility, doesn't learn, and doesn't much care about anything except plain old winning. Political contests, that is. A 40% chance of her winning is less bearable than a 50% chance, or 60% chance, of Warren winning.
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