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Afraid to be a Card Carrying ACLU Liberal? You are not Alone

dhellew3 Wrote: Aug 05, 2012 12:12 PM
Oh, did I forget to mention that very few government employees pay taxes? The rare exception is the Postal Service that sells postage therefore generating some income, just not enough to cover expenses. The rest of government depends entirely on the private sector taxpayer.

Bill wrote: Where's the email? Who from and to whom? What did it say? This article is garbage as it provides no documentation. Not to mention that the source of the article has a bit of a slant.- Almost Union Free: ACLU, Union Caught in Reform Kill Plot

Dear Comrade Bill,

Did you really think I would write an article that goes to a million readers about a non-existent email? If you want a copy of the email and others like it, you can see this article by education expert Ben DeGrow. There are apparently a lot more just...