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The Problem in Washington Isn’t the Constitution

DHE Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 7:49 AM
Do away with the constitution and say yes to racial majority quotas, restrictions on speech, cameras in our bedrooms, no electoral system, monarchy, armed state borders, even slavery, no guarantee of due process or equal protection, etc.? What he proposes was the cause of the revolution -- the Americans wanted their rights guaranteed, not at the whim of the majority. They wanted rule by law, not men, even if, like most people of that era, they meant for one group as opposed to another. And, even though good faith by government is as important as a constitution, and it is possible to have a fair legal system without one - a constitution is not a magic wand - it must be enforced to have meaning, it is far better to have it

It’s easy to pity Kremlinologists. These are people who spent years, even decades, studying the Soviet Union. Their job was to explain why that country did the things it did, even though those actions so often seemed counterproductive. Suddenly, though, the USSR dissolved and the Kremlinologists were out of work.

Louis Michael Seidman hopes to join them on the unemployment lines. He’s a “professor of constitutional law” at Georgetown University. That means students pay more than $60,000 per year to hear him lecture.

Nonetheless, Seidman apparently wants to end his cushy teaching gig. “Let’s Give Up on the Constitution”