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Obama Wins by Going Negative and Turning Out Base

DHE Wrote: Nov 12, 2012 7:45 AM
That would all make sense except ROMNEY LOST. Dream candidate? Hardly. I would have preferred Mitch Daniels or Christie or others, but who did Conservatives field - people like Gingrich, who just makes up nonsense, and other uber-conservatives who just attacked him, though he was the only one who had a chance. I would have preferred Ron Paull, who is very conservative, but doesn't get caught up in the War on Christmas nonsense far as I know and was the only one who would have really cut spending - which conservatives supposedly want. Mock me when you win one, would you? As far as I'm concerned, you as good as elected Obama.
Lukewarm. That's the feeling I get from the election numbers.

Turnout was apparently down, at least as a percentage of eligible voters. The president was re-elected by a reduced margin. The challenger didn't inspire the turnout surge he needed.

Every re-elected president since Andrew Jackson has won with an increased popular vote percentage. Barack Obama didn't. He won 53 percent to 46 percent in 2008. His numbers as I write are 50 percent to 48 percent over Mitt Romney. That could go up to 51 percent to 48 percent when California finishes its count, which took five weeks in 2008.

Obama owes most...