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We can all read the Bible and I do frequently. Opinions about what is Christian or not vary and I don't pretend to have any final say on it.
I think Mozilla was wrong to fire him (though I am neither a Christian nor against gay marriage), but, what Mr. Hawkins, whose work I enjoy, suggests doesn't sound particularly Christian to me, if you think of the Sermon on the Mount or even the golden rules as best typifying it. He's suggesting a political strategy that probably all partisans engage in, but it doesn't strike me as being particularly Christian. Why be like people with whom he disagrees? Why not let his good works shine before men? Isn't that the better principal?
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A Force More Powerful Than Oscar

DHE Wrote: Feb 25, 2014 8:01 AM
Another well intended, but wrong headed cause doomed to failure. And, it should fail, however much tv would probably be improved in my mind or that of others if it succeeded. Personally, I shake my head when I sat with my gf when she watched Two Broke Girls and the whole episode was about getting high, with no real disapproval shown. I shook my head when 10 years ago on Buffy the Vampire Slayer she (invisible) performed a sex act on a vampire. I shake my head all the time. I wish there were more shows like Walker: Texas Ranger. But, "Hollywood" puts on what shows and makes movies people want to watch. It's called ratings. Who do they think are watching these shows? Doesn't matter if I like them, Mr. Norris likes them or anyone else. I think those who want to "correct" tv/movies make some mistakes. First, Hollywood follows culture, not vise versa. If the powers that be thought putting on chaste morality plays would work, they would put them on instead of soap operas. That is called sales. Second, you can raise your children not to be overtly sexual (they are, inside, what they are) and to avoid sexual media. It is called child raising. And though I know you can't control the environment they are in completely - and shouldn't, people can do a lot better job of raising their kids with values. But, it starts when they are infants. That doesn't mean you should teach your kids sex is bad or that they should never have it or to be ashamed of their feelings. Just that they should wait. Third, media has always been more sexualized than the older generation likes. BTW, the Bible is full of sex. Lot's daughter's seduced him. David's son had sex with all his father's concubines in public. Etc. Sex is part of life and literature. Elvis may not upset Mr. Norris now, but he upset a whole lot of older folks back then.
Mr. Goldberg just doesn't get it now anymore than he got it when he said Nathan Silver didn't know what he was talking about. The problem with the last two GOP candidates was not that they could not distance themselves from an unpopular president. It is because they could not distance themselves from the far right. And if Mr. Goldberg and other commentators have their way, we get Clinton for 4 or 8 years too.
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