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15 Lies of Liberalism

DHE Wrote: Jan 31, 2013 4:43 AM
I like Mr. Hawkins' lists for the most part. I rarely, if ever, agree with all of them. In this one I get his no. 5 - liberals think gov't is the solution -- but it's a silly example; his no. 7 is just wishful thinking that some deus ex machina will come wipe out those evil libs (seriously?); and no. 9 shows that, once again, partisanship blinds everyone to the fact that their own side uses the very same ad hominem attacks that they whine about the other side using. But, mostly, glad he does his thing and has made some kind of career out of blogging with his own style. Few do.

Liberalism offers up a utopian vision of the world and then invites its practitioners to feel good about themselves for embracing it. Not only does this beautiful fantasy world never come to pass, liberalism fails to address the root causes of the problems it sets out to solve while creating whole new disasters in the process. In other words, it's a never ending circle. There's a problem, liberalism is offered up as the solution, it doesn't work and creates more problems, for which liberalism is offered up as the solution, etc., etc., etc. until you're starving, bankrupt, or your society...