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In l980, Jimmy Carter made some incredibly stupid comments regarding accepting "immigrants." Fidel Castro responded by emptying his jails, prisons and mental institutions, and sending all these people to America. I believe it was called the Mariel Boat Lift. Shortly thereafter there was a major crime wave up the east coast. People like Carter and Obama never have to confront the disasters they initiate. They're insulated, while ordinary people suffer the consequences. Also, since we're not getting doctors, lawyers, engineers or just plain hard working people in this massive influx, our Country will suffer. Stand by...
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When Kids Show Up at Our Borders

DH58 Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 11:08 AM
First, they're not "undocumented immigrants," they're ILLEGAL ALIENS. With nearly a thousand a day coming across our borders, how much can the citizens of this Country stand? We're going to pay for this - in more ways than your little leftist mind can comprehend. I don't know if you've noticed, but many of these "children" are 15-16-17 years old, at least. And as long as our borders are open, they will continue to swarm across and then they will start coming in from everywhere - except civilized places, like the British Isles, western and eastern Europe, and parts of Asia. These people still have to wait in line - sometimes for years, sometimes forever. The ones that can bring something with them.
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The Jew-Hating Obama Administration

DH58 Wrote: Jul 02, 2014 10:25 AM
@oldshortfatboy: I was just going to write that. I have a large circle of Jewish friends, and virtually every one of them voted for Obama. It makes no sense. Why the Lois Lerner's of this Country would go so far for this man mind boggling.
I was in my gym locker room, getting dressed after a workout. One of the guys that does ten minutes on the elliptical, 5 sit ups and a pushup for his workout, had turned the TV to the World Cup. Suddenly the play by play guy started screaming his head off. I thought he was being ice picked, he was making so much noise. No, actually some player was just kicking the ball down the field. Not into the goal, not even close. I was sitting there thinking, "Wow, just like Russell Wilson or Peyton Manning throwing a 70 yard touchdown pass, but louder!"
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Obama Likes Secrets, Including Yours

DH58 Wrote: Jun 29, 2014 10:31 AM
The irony here is that the MSM still defends this administration on anything and everything...
I was in my gym yesterday, getting changed after my workout. One of the Worldcup games was on the tube, but since I rate soccer right alongside painting a room in my house, I was ignoring it. Suddenly the announcer started screaming his head off. It sounded like either someone was getting killed or Russell Wilson was throwing a 70 yard touchdown pass in Century Link Field. What it was, was some guy kicking a ball down the field. He hadn't even scored! Excitement at it's finest! Jeez...
Many years ago I watched as a very senior senator from Washington State was unloaded, ramp side, at SeaTac Airport, into a wheel chair. He looked like he was in a different world, completely, was very old - and was running for another 6 year term. Fortunately, he finally lost. (We're seeing another one coming along though, in Patty Murray, who will be in the Senate until see has to be loaded, quietly, into a wheelchair, ramp side). People like him, McCain, Thurman, Byrd, Cochran, and several others, cannot give up that control and power, and they become so imbedded that they care only about their own comforts.
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You Bet This is Swiftboating

DH58 Wrote: Jun 19, 2014 11:01 AM
When Kerry was being "Swiftboated," I thought back to my service as a Marine in Vietnam, remembering men who turned down Purple Hearts because they weren't going to accept an award for something that their brothers received for significant injuries and even death. That Kerry was able to come up with three minor injuries (he claims) and depart VN in less than four months still sticks in my craw. Then to come home and attacked his fellow military personnel with lies - he got exactly what he deserved...
Interesting that, despite the fact that Obama's administration has done nothing but roadblock and hurt Israel at every opportunity, 90%+ of the Jews in this Country will still vote democrat.
There aren't any 5 star generals in the Army, Navy or Air Force, either and haven't been for 60-70 years. You're talking ancient history. And the Marine Corps is hardly a "detachment" of anything. Since l972 it has been a full voting member of the JCS and has actually had a couple of chairmen. It runs it's own budget and from a tactical standpoint, certainly doesn't take it's walking orders from the Navy.
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