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I'm surprised that a really bright person such as yourself, feels compelled to write such a snarky, nasty paragraph. Does it make you feel better?
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CNN, DHS and SPLC's Blame-Righty Hit Job

DH58 Wrote: Feb 25, 2015 10:25 AM
I went to the SPLCs site a couple of years ago, and was shocked to find that there was nearly a page of listed "white hate groups," while nearly no black or leftist hate groups. There were little or no radical muslims on the list. Unfortunately, they are strongly represented by the MSM.
What I don't understand is that Obama has shown total disrespect to Israel since he took office, and it's gotten worse through the years, yet I've read that 90+% of American Jews still voted for him - even after his first term. It doesn't make sense.
The really sad thing, here, is that he will probably prevail, but it will cost him all his savings, maybe his home and personal effects. As a 30 year cop, I've told all my children, DO NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO HAVE YOUR CAR SEARCHED! Unless things have changed over the past 10 years since I retired they can only search the lunge area, and can't go into any locked spaces without a warrant, which has to be reviewed by a judge, who hopefully has more common sense and decency then this one deputy. We're certainly not the enemy, but a few (very few) idiots, with no sense, has made the job pretty difficult for the rest. Sad.
President Obama, upon hearing of the shooting at the Synagogue, stated that it appeared to be "workplace violence," and that it was just a coincidence that the man killed at that site was Jewish.
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Paul Krugman Rejected by His Peers

DH58 Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 11:41 AM
Actually, Dennis, I believe Krugman won (or was given) the "Nobel Prize." Also, remember that the same award was given to Jimmy Carter, Al Gore (for reading something written by another), and Barack Obama, a few weeks after being elected President, and a year or so before he authorized the use of drones, that generally don't know the difference between a radical muslim and a 5 year old girl standing beside him.
On November 27, David Ruenzel, a writer for the Southern Poverty Law Center, and a white, leftist apologist, who had written dozens of articles, castigating whites for their racism, was shot and killed by two black thugs while walking in the Huckleberry Botanical Gardens in Oakland, California. I've said to my liberal friends, many times - when you are confronted by a black thug, he isn't going to know you're a liberal who "feels his pain."
You watch. McConnell, who sometimes doesn't show a great deal of sense, will take "the high road," and reverse the nuclear option. Sad...
If the powers that be want to truly right a past wrong, they might consider doing something for Corporal Ricardo Binns, Vietnam Recon Marine who was awarded a Navy Cross, but certainly deserved the Medal of Honor.
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Saving Private Turner

DH58 Wrote: Oct 29, 2014 10:01 AM
I had heard of this story, and as a former white Vietnam combat Marine (66-67), I'm appalled at this. We were mostly ignored coming home, but to be treated with such disrespect for those who did make it back after risking their lives in war had to be unimaginable. I'm as conservative as they come, but when I see another Marine all I really see is forest green. Same feeling for all my brothers and sisters in other uniforms. I can only hope that this oversight was at the hands of some bureaucrat, who never heard a shot fired in anger.
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