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This article is absurd. The shutdown cost Cuccinelli the votes of furloughed govt workers? He never had the vote of govt workers, furloughed or otherwise! And even so, exit polling showed NoVa voters held Democrats every bit as responsible for the shutdown as they did Democrats. Also nice of Saunders to totally dismiss the fact that we lost Virginia as a red state when RINO John McCain was running for President. NOT with a Tea Party/Conservative candidate in play. So, don't whine about how Ken Cuccinelli, with 1/3 the amount of funding Bob McDonnell got from the RNC, zero dollars from the chamber of commerce, and a billionaire funded Libertarian stalking horse. Somehow couldn't clean up the mess that was made long before he got there. By people who were more than happy to see him lose. The only reason why Republicans in Washington have the small amount of power that they do, is because of the Tea Party revolution in 2010. Conservatives always have and always will win IN SPITE of establishment types like the author here.
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Don’t Go Wobbly, GOP

dgwinn Wrote: Nov 10, 2012 11:29 AM
You can't simultaneously argue for the GOP to not go wobbly on economic issues, and then turn around and say we need to reward illegal immigration. Whether, it's through citizenship or amnesty. Because, that importation of poverty across our border is going to make it impossible for us to govern this country conservatively. The people coming across the border will almost ALL collect some form of public assistance, and those who manage to slip past our vaunted election booth monitors(sarcasm)will vote for Dems who will break the piggy bank.
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