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My Apology to Mormon Readers

dgreene Wrote: Jun 05, 2013 11:07 AM
Mike, thanks for a great article! However I wish to point out that the Morman 'faith' is, like the Catholic 'faith', actually a Christian religion! They both have added to, and subtracted from, the word of God! Mormons believe that they are Christians! Catholics believe they are Christians, but what most all of them are is Christian 'cults'! This is not to say that they aren't real believers! They are! They have also believed doctrine that is not true! Just like Muslims believe that they are worshipping the "one true God", false doctrine can creep in and destroy many!
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The Truth in Love Police

dgreene Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 10:46 AM
No....only Bible believing sinners, who have asked for forgiveness for their sins, and follow Christ's instructions, are Christians! "Liberal Christian" is an oxymoron! (You can't BE a Christian, and be FOR; abortion, disarmament, Against Israel, etc. as these go against Christ's instructions! And Jesus said "It's all or none! You are either with ME or you are against Me!" "For ME (agree with My instructions, My life's work. do My will) or you are My enemy!" The fact that people who think they are "Christians" but stand in support of abortion, the 'gay' lifestyle, gays in scouting, and ministry, weapon 'control' and other such liberal focus, either have not read the Bible, or HAVE read it, and disagree with it! Jesus loves people, hates sin
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Caught Red-Handed on Climate Change

dgreene Wrote: Jan 21, 2013 10:44 AM
Sorry but that won't fly! Why?? Because people who KNOW science, know how real science works! You can't HAVE a scientific position that's not proved! If there's no proof, then it becomes a 'scientific theory'! Computer 'models' are NOT proof, they're at BEST conjecture! I can write a computer program that proves the sun is made of helium! The problem with your position, is too many people believe science as infallible! And that scientists don't have an agenda! These guys get paid how? Grants from the government! Want your grant money, give us something to prove that pink is a man's favorite color! TRUST scientists?! I'm not buying that ANY scientists are ethical! If they WERE, why do we have GMO Salmon? Or do you even KNOW about GMO's?
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Adams 2016

dgreene Wrote: Dec 10, 2012 5:34 PM
Wouldn't Wilmington just LOVE to say "The home of 'Hollywood of the East; Charlie Daniels; and the 45th President of the US!"?? ????
Do I care how much Bill Gates pays in taxes? Why should I? He puts his pants on the same way I do! What he makes (or DOESN'T make) is none of my, or your business! That he pays his taxes correctly AFTER TAKING HIS LEGAL DEDUCTIONS is STILL none of our business! How the government SPENDS his taxes IS! Giving $450 million to the Muslim Brotherhood (terrorists), instead of splitting it between America's hungry children is a crime! So don't lecture us republicans about lower taxes on the 'rich' that is wasted by government anyhow! You have no idea about the violation of the constitution, because you don't KNOW the constitution! If You and all your friends would demand that it be adhered to, get rid of all the unconstitutional departments ...
Dumb post! As a conservative republican, I'm for less taxes-not only on the 'rich', but everybody! And one of the lies that you apparently believe, is that the 'rich' doesn't pay their 'fair share'! So let's ask YOU (since you know so much) just how much money does said rich PAY in taxes? What percentage of the total of taxes collected is from said rich, and where does the money come from? How much taxes do YOU pay as a liberal? I don't mind telling you that as a republican I don't pay taxes! I don't pay taxes because I'm poor and don't have to! My family makes less than 14K / yr! No job! Because of Obama's taxes and healthcare, there won't be any jobs! Because no small businessman can afford to hire! Do I care how much Steve Jobs made?
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