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What's with all the Stepford wives this clown administration keeps throwing in front of us? From Gibbs, Carney, Kirby, Psaki and the blond bimbo with the fake nose glasses, there's not a serious adult to be found.
Obama's tilting at everything that represents America's greatness because America, he feels, was built on the backs of slaves and other oppressed people. What he's doing is pitting himself against oppression. This wave of R's in Congress is the new enemy, the same old enemy, the White slaveholder of old. For folks like him the problem always come back to race and oppression. That's where we get comments such as "people who hold close to their guns and their religion." It's code for "the old guard." He'd rather that old white folks die away and their money and attitudes can die with them.
When one of these tools falls on a sword for bammy, does that sword in any way, shape or form resemble the knives ISIS uses to behead Western people on you tube videos?
If he was an American or not a professional liar I might be at most a smidgeon concerned about this moron. As it is, he can go p*** up a rope.
Spot Hank the G and the m, he still couldn't spell Guam.
More fairy tales from the head unicorn. What a looney tunes dope. Somebody must be putting LSD in his Fruitloops in the morning.
Next time you start feeling smarter than you are, consider who Gruber was referencing as the "stupid American voter." Yes, that's correct. The typical Obama voter. Period. End of story. Now go back to grad school if you can still get another loan, commie.
He is what we knew him to be and the fact he got re-elected is proof of what this once fine country has become and will continue to unravel into, a morally and financially corrupt sewer. If you think Boehner or McConnell are gonna stand in his way, don't bother. B and Mc love the power and position and privilege, but BO is on a mission to tear this country down and rebuild it the way he sees fit. O didn't sit below Rev. Wright, hang with Ayers and revolutionaries all those years just for craps and grins. He hasn't surrounded himself with MB just to make himself look or feel good. It is what he is, people.
This joker's starting to put some distance between himself and Jimmy Carter in the race to the bottom.
If Obama had fathered two sons, they could've looked a lot like those two Jihadis responsible for this act.
Well there goes the Juco system up in smoke. This idiot gonna demand another round of Head Start after the 12th year in order to get these knuckleheads ready for some more schooling they're not ready for? Why don't we just pay these folks to stay home and do nothing, at least stay out of my hair? (Oops, maybe that's his better plan, the final solution?)
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