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Barry on Haron: "this man's actions had nothing to do with Islam." Gruber on Sheik Haron: "This man was only speaking glibly when he espoused jihad to seem more important than he really was."
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The Cop-Killing Cult of Larry Davis

JungJoe Wrote: Dec 12, 2014 10:09 AM
Hands up, let's loot.
Obama won't be happy until every brown person is on the government teat. Period. End of story.
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The Right GOP Response to Obama's Actions

JungJoe Wrote: Nov 21, 2014 8:26 AM
No, Linda, more of the same won't change anything. Keeping the families of illegals together in this country doesn't get any American off the government dole, doesn't reduce the welfare footprint, doesn't make America stronger. The correct response for America would be to tell the truth: a job for an illegal is one less job for an American. Every big city in this country is full of illegals working low paying jobs and too many Americans staying home and drawing government benefits rather than working those jobs. Meanwhile the national debt soars and the government/taxpayer takes it in the shorts. Republicans should take a page out of the left's handbook. Turn Blacks, Asians and Whites against this brown invasion( which this has become). Because this is where the country is now. Nothing says freedom and power like having a job and paying your way like a real man or woman. Nobody in this country should either want a handout or settle for a handout. This move by Obama equates to a handout for every illegal and every American taking/receiving government assistance. That only makes/allows this country to be weaker. Period. End of story.
I guess we should all be more proud than we've ever been to be an American right now.
Personally, I was too busy to watch last nights farce, but I would hope that somebody on tv , pundit or politician, would mention and stress the fact (ad infinitum) that this is the same man who has lied about virtually everything since he started running for office. Never stop connecting the lies directly to the man, be precise and consistent. This president LIED, LIED, LIED and LIED again and again. Make it stick so hard that when anybody hears the name Obama the only thing you hear is "LIAR". Be loud and proud, the man is a liar. Period. End of story.
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Obama vs. Us

JungJoe Wrote: Nov 20, 2014 4:07 PM
This country is finished. Period. End of story. Chaos will be the new normal. Prosecutorial discretion, the IRS, NSA, DOJ, FBI controlled by and in cahoots with politicians only interested in getting re-elected. If you can't buy enough votes with your pen and phone to stay in office, you can coerce and extort enough acquiescence from enough of the rest to do the trick. Bribe folks with freebies, threaten judges with your intimate knowledge of their lives, it's amazing how things get done.
Funny how the internet has brought all this out in the open. Funny that now THIS administration wants more government control over how the internet will work from here on out. I can't stop giggling over such a coincidence. The fun's over folks. This man is on the warpath.
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The New D.C. GOP Agenda

JungJoe Wrote: Nov 12, 2014 6:16 PM
Reagan compromised on immigration in the '80's. Every compromise since then has been a cave-in. Amnesty and compromise, over and over. Senseless drivel. You clowns are killing the rule of law.
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Against Obama, But for What?

JungJoe Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 8:25 PM
Wow, just wow, D19. It sure seems, from the tone and gist of your diatribe, that you would be the "holier-than-thou" a-hole you so loudly whine about. Keep working on your game, maybe someday you'll grow a pair and stand for something. The Least you could do to seem middle of the road was to save some of the nastiness for the progressives of the world. If you grow up you might someday at least be a Libertarian. Good luck, young fella.
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