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Hard to believe Eric Holder didn't intervene, since it was a federal investigation against a brotha.
Of course not. But if he had been a Republican that would have been in the headline.
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DG in GA Wrote: Mar 21, 2014 9:57 AM
As I read Eric's column I also thought that if these kids went on "mission" trips in their own backyards, they might be more likely to continue to serve their own community. If you send them to Haiti or Africa or Mexico, etc., they end up thinking they have to go away in order to serve.
OK, why don't y'all just stay out of my kitchen? The reason schools aren't very excited about feeding kids "healthy foods" is because most of the food ends up in the trash and the kids go hungry. They don't LIKE the "healthy choices." The schools can't even donate the leftover food to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Leftover food goes in the trash as well. I suspect the homeless would rather have pizza and tater tots anyway. And if Moochelle is so concerned about health, she should start in her own home and nag her husband to stop smoking instead of nagging me to eat kale.
Oh please, ban the word bossy? We don't have any REAL issues in this country? Nope, the feminists want to "ban bossy" while remaining silent as millions of babies are murdered in utero every year, many of them female. Growing up, kids used the word bossy instead of b__ch or ho. Which words are really insulting? Bossy? I was a leader in school, elected President of every group I joined, not because I sought the role but because the others asked me to run. As an adult I became an executive - in a time when there really was discrimination against women. Whenever one of my staff called me bossy, I'd point out that I am, after all, the boss. Then we'd laugh. These days I take care of my elderly parents. They don't like being told what to do, but since they have dementia, I have had to take charge. From time to time they comment that I'm bossy, and I gently remind them that someone's gotta do it. And we laugh. If bossy is the worst thing people call me, I can deal with that. Better than being called incompetent.
That's because when you hear the word "diversity"it ONLY means black. Jackson doesn't care how many women they employ and promote, how many Asians, etc. ONLY blacks. He threw hispanics in for good measure, but the Jackson shakedown show only cares about blacks. Well, in order for a black to succeed in the tech world they have to get educated, stay out of prison and not get knocked up.
Actually the insurance caompany bailout is written into the law, since even Washington knows this debacle is an actuarial nightmare.
Another reality I haven't heard anything about in the media is the huge number of retirees who are losing their Medicare supplemental policies and having to sign up for new coverage at higher premiums, possibly with different doctors, etc. A lot of elderly people don't have internet access, don't understand this stuff in the first place, don't have the extra money to pay the higher premiums, and may have dementia or other medical problems that would make losing their health insurance a disaster. My own parents have mild dementia, don't hear well and don't have internet access. I made the phone calls on their behalf, but I swear the insurance companies hired a slew of ESL call center people because I could barely understand what they were saying - and I worked in the health insurance industry so I actually understand this stuff. So one of the things I wonder is whether the Obama administration is counting all of these cancellations as "newly insured under Obamacare" to beef up the numbers.
No, he'll just call her a liar and hang up. Or his staff will anyway.
Excuse me, but no, it would NOT have been better. Either way, we the taxpayers will end up paying out the wazoo for the medical treatments of other people.
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