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Government Junk Food Junkies

dgerszewskiq Wrote: Jun 03, 2012 2:25 PM
Another huge factor is the fact fresh produce has price controls placed upon it by the government in the form of farm subsidies. If the free market determined the price of fresh, quality ingredients, and not the federal government, it might be easier to eat healthily and cheap.

A study from the University of Tennessee which was cited in Reuters indicates that despite what Mayor Bloomberg may think, limiting people’s options on food, even junk food, does not help them to lose weight.

So if the Great Twinkie Prohibition of 2012 is not going to be successful at controlling the national waistline, what will it control? My guess is free agency and the free market. After all, if our dear leaders are so intent on managing our sugar and carbs, a la Mayor Bloomberg., shouldn’t they be concerned with the dietary choices of those people on assistance...

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