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It's Not Racism, Mr. President

dgaytan Wrote: Jul 02, 2012 12:50 AM
I agree with my Southern brethren: I wish Rice would at least consider the VP slot.
So, was this jackwagon corrected or refuted, at least- or was this pile of sh*t allowed to sit out there as "facts"?? I know it's CNN but when are the MSM gonna grow a pair and hold these assh*les accountable for their actions? Sheesh.
Jeepus, Katie- is there a statistic at all, anywhere, that indicates whether Republicans or other non-Dems have ended up on the 'purge' list? Lord knows, it would shut some folks up.
LOL not convincing at all, troll.
Speaking as an actual self-employed masonry guy I'd be happy to help you pick out your fine china- it's paying more than masonry is, these days.
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