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Toll Roads and Double Taxation: The Left and Libertarians Converge

D G Wrote: Apr 01, 2013 9:52 AM
Only half the cost of the highways in this country are funded with fuel taxes. The rest comes from the general fund. To help cut the big deficits, the highways should be fully funded by their users in the form of either higher fuel taxes, tolls, and other fees paid by users of highways.

Toll roads are appealing to many on the right, because the fees don't look like taxes; motorists are charged for the voluntary action of driving on a specific road. Toll roads appear to be run by private entities, not the government. Also known as turnpikes, they are becoming an increasingly popular way to raise money to build roads, instead of increasing gas taxes which have traditionally paid for highways. Gas tax revenues only have about one-third the buying power they did a decade ago, insufficient to build new roads or maintain existing ones. There are now 5,244 miles of toll roads...