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Report: Obama’s SOTU Will Have “Heavy Economic Focus”

D G Wrote: Feb 10, 2013 9:39 PM
Top economists including Alan Greenspan explain how Obama's expensive 2009 "Porkulous" caused the economy to grow more slowly than would have been the case without it. Aggressive monetary policies (Federal Reserve) in 2009 thawed frozen credit markets and made a recovery possible. Obama's fiscal and regulatory policies made the recovery the slowest in decades.

Even though the president only mentioned the word “jobs” three times in his second inaugural address, he nevertheless wants us to believe that the economy is his “number one priority”, according to ABC News’ Jonathan Karl. Hmm:

In contrast to his inaugural address, President Obama’s State of the Union speech will focus primarily on jobs and the economy, outlining new initiatives on manufacturing, education, clean energy and infrastructure.

He will elaborate on the big themes of the inaugural — immigration, gun violence and climate change — but a top White House official tells me the State of the...