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Obama's Assaulting – Not Protecting – the Middle Class

D G Wrote: Sep 23, 2012 12:36 AM
Democrats have no significant accomplishments in recent decades to improve the standard of living for working middle class families. Instead of looking out for responsible middle class working families, the Democrats look out for intellectuals, radicals, misfits, freeloaders, lazy people, drug addicts, atheists, abortionists, homosexuals, terrorists, union bosses, illegal immigrants, tax cheats, promiscuous college coeds wanting birth control, environmental whackoes, Hollywood elites, ACLU, ACORN, Move-On, derelicts, habitual welfare recipients, corrupt union bosses, Gitmo terrorists and other irresponsible people. Democrats take money from Mr. and Mrs. Main Street to pay living expenses for these goof-offs
"And I can make a firm pledge; under my plan no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase."
    –Barack Obama, Sept. 12, 2008, Dover, New Hampshire

Barack Obama isn't the first politician to break a promise, torture the truth or outright lie to the American people. But, he certainly is among the most accomplished at it.

Obama made his no-new-taxes pledge over and over again four years ago as he campaigned.  Not only has he repeatedly and blatantly violated it, but his policies have relentlessly assaulted poor and middle-income family budgets.   


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