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Obama's Economy has Become a Synonym for Failure and Despair

D G Wrote: Apr 05, 2013 9:20 AM
Pistol .... Thanks for commenting. ... The economic data has been see-sawing up and down. The "ups" are widely reported in the MSM. The "downs" are ignored in the MSM. As for stocks, they are owned by people with modest wealth in addition to the 1%. Retirees are living off of their savings which they had invested in stocks when working. The aggressive monetary policies (Federal Reserve) have helped the stock markets.

WASHINGTON - President Obama heads into the third month of his second term, still unable to find a cure for a sluggish economy, weak employment numbers and his own slipping job approval scores.

Second terms are usually challenging for presidents who have won reelection without having the slightest idea what they would do over the next four years. And that's what we are witnessing now with Obama whose biggest problem is the lackluster, anemic, sub-par, job-challenged economy.

The Gallup Poll this week reports that his job approval rating is an underwhelming 47 percent versus a muscular 48 percent who disapprove...