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Job Creators Not Invited...Again!

D G Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 9:18 PM
While liberal-progressive-Democrats attack US Corporations, they are moving out of the country. One of many examples is Eaton Corporation moving to Ireland for its 12% corporate tax rate instead of USA's 35% rate. The move will save Eaton $160 million per year. ObamaCare cosdts to companies will add more to the long list of US companies deciding to move its corproate headquarters out of the country. Liberal-Progressive-Democrats along with corrupt unions are sending companies and jobs overseas. Reply
For all the talk of saving the middle class, President Obama is using the same old script that dismisses the middle class. With the fiscal cliff looming, and gathering more attention from the public, we are about to get the same dog and pony show that kicked off the first term. "Leaders" from business, labor, and academia will be invited to the White House to chime in on solutions. This is a farce. I suspect it's an attempt to be seen working across the aisle, but the gathering is no different than the so-called Jobs Council that rarely met, and did...