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A Debate Rout of Herculean Proportions

D G Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 12:52 AM
Here's what Romney should do next in the debates. He should look at Obama and say, "Mr. President you betrayed the citizens of the United States. You gave $90 billion of taxpayer money to cronies of green energy companies who contributed to your political campaign. People earned the money to pay taxes by being truck drivers, nurses, miners, and so on. You owe them an explanation. I suggest you look in the camera and explain why you betrayed the American People." Mitt should do likewise for any issue in which Obama has betrayed the public. Obama must be held accountable for his actions.
Joe579 Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:34 AM
Let not tell him what to say,he is very good without us. But you do have a very good point. There is so many things he could say and I'm sure he will again.
traitorbill Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 10:04 AM
Mr. President, you're no Jimmy Carter!
Jeeves Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 1:33 PM
Oh, if only TH had a "like" button, this comment would get my vote.
David_the-Honeybee_Keeper Wrote: Oct 05, 2012 8:42 AM
If he said something like that, I'm sure I would have a thrill go up my leg.
I am elated to report to you something you surely already know: Mitt Romney trounced President Obama in their first debate. The rout was so decisive that even the liberal media cannot spin it the other way.

There is no need to grade this on a curve. Romney did very well in absolute, not relative, terms. He didn't just do well compared with Obama's poor performance; he really shone, in every category. He proved himself to be very knowledgeable on policy and business, quick on his feet and able to deliver zingers as graciously as possible under the circumstances.