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Obama's Health Care Problem

dfiscus Wrote: Jan 19, 2013 11:43 PM
MY 32 yo nephew was injured In a DUI accident (his 4th) and he still has a license after a felony DUI several years ago. He had back surgery after the accident and is now too disabled to work. He is however, not too disabled to ride a motorcycle or stay up all night on the computer. If he wins his case, he will get $1000 a month. He was in the military briefly and d/c with a medical discharge so he gets free VA health care. My SS and small private pension total all of 1300/year and I worked 35 years and I pay 250 a month for health care. What gives????

President Obama made a remarkable statement to John Boehner in the middle of their negotiations leading up to the fiscal cliff. "We don't have a spending problem," the president said. We have "a health care problem."

To put this in perspective, almost every economist familiar with the federal government finances views our national health care problem as a spending problem. In fact, it is THE spending problem. If the federal government were not buying health care, we wouldn't have a long term deficit.

The reason is not hard to understand. For the past four decades health care spending per person...