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Come on people, this is not a picture of him, but of he and his guests celebrating the sacred holiday of Passover with friends and family. Good for them for recognizing the special significance of this meal to the Jewish faith. I have been a guest at a seder and it is truly a moving ceremony. I am delighted that the Obama daughters are participating in this celebration. I was given the honor of asking one of the questions when I was a guest at the seder and the family even wrote it out phonetically for me so that I could pronounce tthe Hebrew. How special for me and how gracious of them. Happy Passover and Blessed Easter.
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Statistical Frauds

dfiscus Wrote: Apr 15, 2014 9:00 AM
My friend suggested that all Congressmen/women should earn the median salary of the constuents they represent. No perks, no free travel, nothing else. Just a salary representative of the taxpayers they represent,
I have had the privilege of visiting my "spiritual homeland" of Israel. The Jewish people that I encountered were welcoming and reiterated that they want to live in peace with all of their neighbors. They are teaching the JOrdanians to desalinate the water from the Mediterranean to provide irrigation for their fields and water for bathing to preserve the integrity of the Jordan River. THe city of Bethlehem is under Palestinian control and our tour guide, a Jewish man who is an Israeli citizen could not go into the city. He had to get off the bus outside the city and wait for us as we took a brief tour of some of the holy sights in the city. The city was very poor and the people lived in appaling conditions which was huge contrast to the rest of the country.
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Five Rules for Covering Breaking News

dfiscus Wrote: Apr 04, 2014 7:13 AM
Or maybe just shut up until you know something. Cover something else and come back to it--repeating the same thing and showing the same footage is not NEWS. I turn on reruns of I LOVE LUCY and turn back to see if there truly is any news or just some talking head spouting the latest speculation.
The Jews did not fight back against the Nazis soon enough and many of them were slaughtered. Christian brothers and sisters need to stand up and proclaim the love that Christ has for all people. That's what we are commanded to do. The Moslems are commanded to kill those who don't worship their God. Which religion would you rather believe?
No chicken counting. Somehow, some way, these folks will come running back to the Dems, even though it may not be in their best interest. Repubs, TEA party, conservatives and libertarians have been so denigrated by the media that these constituencies will NOT vote Repub.
RE: the military strength--"Talk softly, but carry a big stick." The only way peace talks or diplomacy works is from strength.
They have already done it. This thing is a done deal. Can't be repealed. It is now entrenched in the culture and the insurance companies are in cahoots with the whole thing.
Obviously, the American people ARE as stupid as the Democrats because they reelected Obama.
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How Hobby Lobby Will Hurt Conservatives

dfiscus Wrote: Mar 27, 2014 7:28 AM
Lets get it straight. This is NOT about birth control, it is about the right of a business to run their business however they want. Hobby Lobby does not want the government forcing them to pay for abortion producing drugs (morning after pill) because they oppose it on religious grounds. Does NOT mean that women can't get it, just means the company should NOT be forced to pay for it.
If she runs, she wins. Why would she NOT run??? I don't know who the GOP has that could even come close to beating her unless they ran Ben Carson.
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