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if obams was honest and not driven by lies and hatred one could under stand his lies as well as the lie-o-matic squad he has assembled to make him look black,semi white, brown , communist,Christian well for that matter any thing he is not especially when he is a hate monger toward Christians,whites, Israelis, and Americans I understand him well he is a muslim and muslim cults worship Satan and we don't!!!
he looks a lot like Hitler he is a good liar too and the propaganda never ends, he is an obama lie-a-matic flunky!!!!
liar, liar
liar. liar
talk about a bitter clinger he is the one promoting socialism for America an ideology tat has failed every time it's tried he has been flattered by Satan and he loves Satans attention!!
he swills bear acting like a cool college drunk and America is falling apart, he is a incompetent narcissistic criminal!
debby wasserman blabbermouth shultz is a liar big time, it is easy to tell when she is lying her hands are up on both sides of her to distract and her mouth is moving!!
How ironic the way she pronounces her last name and her favorite past time!!
when ever this creepy scum opens his mouth his purpose gets to be a deeper mystery!!
A brilliant mystery at that!! He did a fantastic satire if you will short and sweet!! And right on,I loved it!!
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