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Obama: I Do Skeet Shooting "All the Time"

dfifield Wrote: Jan 27, 2013 10:54 PM
liar liar , this selfish hate monger does nothing normal!!!
congrats democrats 55 million dead children, your war is a success considering they cannot fight back!! on the great and dreadful day of judgement you will pay dearly!!!
toure wants the democrat war on children (abortion) to limit live children then the democrats won't have to pay bad guys to kill them at schools, but then where will the democrats get graves to dance on for their narcissistic club orgies???
this is another pedifile who does not want to get shot raping some ones 3 year old, he wan to to rape with confidence he can get away with it!!!
Morgan is a typical British sycophant he gives his freedom and liberty for safety runs to the USA because we are not broke like Europe is then he demands we become like him and the commie left he represents, I think he is a pedifile and is afraid of fathers and mothers with guns!!
does the mulatto in the white house represent blacks? he sure doesn't represent whites,the Constitution which is the law of the land or Americans he only represents that which will get him wealth and votes, he is the most irresponsible incompetent illegal alien in the USA!!!
matthews always looks like he has been on an all night drunk, or his mental illness is out of control!!
more evidence that the America, Constitution press are all liars,It is odd they corrected themselves!!!
Can't do that piers Christ is white not black and you and the other communists can't change it now black obama cannot replace the real Christ of the bible!!!
it is sexist and racist to to call a liberal LIAR out for their guile and obfuscating , I wonder how they are going to fair in front of God on the great and dreadful day of judgement for their love of Satan and hate of America!!!
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