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I agree with you, CredibleHulk, but I must point out -- The real problem with a loose canon is simply that it does not need 'to go off,' rolling around below decks or above in the pitch and roll can take out more than the capability of defense, damaging even the superstructure. The regime itself is up to the gunnels with loose canons. The media is wallpaper and curtains in a sewer.
All such presentations should be greeted with laughter spiked with raw anger -- saving the rotten fruit for the bigger insults to the American People. We will continue to see the lawlessness of this regime until they are each made to suffer the consequences, personally and up close. It is not just the Law that suffers by the constant enumeration and analysis of these destructive elements of the regime: pathology cannot be tolerated to the point where nothing of value remains. Damn them to their own Hell.
If the only way to put her away is with a confession -- we can easily suggest ways, short of the Obama method, to get her to confess (e.g. - their drones and bloody bones). Go for 'enemy of the state' solution here - a la The Fascist EOs -- we have been terrorized enough by these people who love Hamas..
Because they found out that they can. But then, you can do something about it, too.
How long before this circle jerk gets flagged as more than just offensive? until the real money does run out (i.e.- becomes clearly worthless paper)? High time to declare, No Budget - No Spending. Oh, and, "Seven percent of Americans think the law [obamaCare] is working well.... Well -- Ok that's close to the number of people in "Public Service" jobs; they also seem to think that congress is doing a good job too --- I guess we should just let them decide everything for us and watch a little more TV, wait and see if we've won the tate run Lottery.
Indeed, as The Chopping Block has noted in his illuminate progressive way and is implied here, it is truly sad that paradise was lost upon the founding of America; in a world of peqce and plenty. Perhaps The End Justifies The Means is just not meant for the likes of you and me -- just those who wish to manage the redistribution of somebody else's wealth and who make war a part of that business because they can.
Well Dan, it seems to me you don't quite get the message that voting has absolutely nothing to do with this regime any more than the truth does. Perhaps they may understand overwhelming force, if applied directly to their frontal obes.
Such posturing is despicable -- In All Fairness -- These scum should strike down the entire law that was not even read and passed by extortion, bkackmail, and bribery, 1.) over the wishes of the People they had sworn to represent and 2.) against the Constitution they swore to uphold.
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The Date Rape of America

Dexter6 Wrote: Jul 13, 2013 4:47 AM
The solution is neither in the Constitution nor in the Bill of Rights, the second amendment is merely a restriction put upon the government, this government is not of our Contitution but an intentional contradiction of it by bogus 'citizens' who cannot believe in it. The only soluton is in reaching for the courage for resistance and retaliation to tyranny. At every level. Where they can see they are risking their very own lives.
Obama impeached is ok; not removed because the Senate is Fascist controlled, means Biden would not become president -- Barako Bomber would be defanged and the next step: Get all the snakes out of Congress, noth houses. Sounds good to me.
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