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UPYOURS, you troll hole.
Did someone pizz in your homoflakes this morning? Tipical socialist/liberal, when they can't disprove someone they resort to name calling. Crawl back under the cow paddy you call home and be sure to leave the night light on so no big bad Tea Party menber will get you.
Your socialist/liberal attitude is showing. Michelle Malkin is a Natural Born Citizen of The United States.
Have you ever once read any of her well written books? didn't think so. I believe that deep down inside of your sorry soul lives a socialist/liberal crying to get out.
You sir are a first classless azzshole. Mrs Malkin is a native born American. What dung heap did you crawl out from under? Her parents came to America the correct way and both are now American Citizen. Oh by thw way, your socialist/liberal attitude is showing.
I'll keep this real simple for all you liberals out there, Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People. If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. If you peeps are going to protest something, why don't you protest against the outlaws who kill unarmed citizens? Get your priorities in order. Just for your information, I have owned guns for over 50 years and none of them have ever killed another human being.
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